Monday, March 28, 2011

DIVISION G International Speech & Table Topics Contest 2011

Fellow Toastmasters & Friends!

MII Toastmasters Club will be hosting the DIVISION G Speech Contest 2011 tomorrow Evening at the Auditorium, Level 4, at the Malaysian Insurance Institute.

There will be an entourage of amazing speakers from the Toastmasters Clubs of Division G! They will be competing to be the Division's Best and compete on the next level.

Don't miss this opportunity to see the very best! Details are as mentioned on the Right hand side tab. ===>

So come and join us! It'll be a night to remember!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meeting Report: Evaluate to Motivate - Ode from Mdm President

Dear MII Toastmasters et honored readers, May I post the proceedings of the Meeting in the words of our beloved President Toastmaster Goh Wei Lyn.

"Dear Justin (a.k.a VPPR), You are right....with the word exciting.

It was a special meeting a the penthouse last night.

And Dear all to add to the above

An interesting table topics session led by Dr Gan and Adam Fung. A stage performance by Masdiana.

You also missed the great chance to evaluate and observe the practice speech 'COME WALK WITH ME' by Leong.

A special thanks to our invited guest DTM Kiang who came specially for the night and was the Lead Evaluator and GE for the night.
Then followed by an interesting Grammarian report by Wong, a hilarious reminder to all by Peter of our Ah's, our many ehms & etc, a wonderful report by the minutes and the seconds from our Time Keeper Rozina and a well led session by our Toastmaster Of the Evening, Justin Ong.
To those who missed out the wonderful night.....The decision has been made last night.

We also conducted our Election of Club officers, led by our President Goh Wei Lyn. After the routine introduction she called on our esteemed Nominating Committee member Mohamad Abdullah as appointed by our illustrious IPP Levine Lee announced the nomination of our club Exco for the year 2011/2012.
It is an honor to announce the new Executive Officers for 2011/2012 term with no challenge from the floor.

President; Dr Gan Eng Meng
Vice President of Education; Justin Ong
Vice President of Membership; Tasvinderjit
Vice President of PR; Mohd Fazlan
Secretary; Mas Marlena
Treasurer; Rozina Harun
SAA; Ho Fook Chuan

Secretary, Treasurer, President, VPE, VPPR and VPM

Before this term ends, please pay your dues to Leong as we have a dead line to submit to Toastmasters International before the 30th of this month.

Your early payable will be greatly appreciated.

Finally DO REMEMBER THE BIG BIG DAY 30thMarch2011........come and learn and support our Champion Speakers at the Division Level chaired by a member of MII Toastmasters Jerene Yap at our home ground at 7pm sharp. "

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meeting Report: Victorious Celebrations! by Lena

Hello again everyone of MII Toastmasters!

Lena here again!
Well, Today I’m your blog writer again due to our VPPR Justin having to work on the upcoming meeting with the AV system, so I’m filling in for him as of today!

The meeting on the 8th of March was themed victorious winnings OBVIOUSLY because our members Diana CTM, CL won CHAMPION for the table topics contest, and Leong CC, CL on the 1st of March!

Btw, it was also Mr Samyvellu’s birthday I believe. So don’t drink and drive yah!


It started with VPPR Justin standing in for Madam President Wei lyn, by getting the guests and members to introduce themselves.

There were 3 guests that night
Yule from Germany! A friend of CC,CL Jerene
Hanny, Guest of ACB Adam fung
And Suzie, Guest of TM Wong hang hiang

It started at 7:10pm, and SURPRISE! I Mas Marlena Mohamad was the Toastmaster of the evening with the theme above. It was really scary being TME for the first time but thanks to all the supporting members I pulled through!!

I started with the history of Toastmasters international and also MII Toastmasters club for the sake of the guests and then it went straight on to the Invocation Presentation by our VPPR/TM Justin talking about the meaning of success!!

Then later on we had a nutritious style of table topics and using FRUITS for topics!!

First of was our CHAMPION Speaking on mangoes
Second, ACB Adam Fung on tomatoes
Third, TM, Fazlan with apples
Then, CC CL, Philip on grapefruits
After that, was Mahathir on bananas
Then, Madam president on the colours of lime
And lastly, DTM Mohamad on a plum.

Later we had a gentle evaluation from our lovely Ms Rozina Harun who gave a brief and gentle evaluation of all the speakers. We then had the humourous session by CC CL, Philip wong and of course went to the “penthouse” for our dinner which is generously sponsored by our NEW CC Lim ah wai!!!

After the dinner we proceeded to the assigned speeches, and first to go was CC Lim, with speech title “Improve continuously” which he talked about his journey here in MII Toastmasters. Which was evaluated by CC CL Philip Wong.

Later we had ACB Adam with his inspiring speech on taking charge of your life!  A beautiful presentation, with beautiful pictures to illustrate his speech. Which was evaluated by CTM CL Masdiana.

We later had CC CL Jerene with her interesting “TV” interview debut with All-star guest host CTM,CL Masdiana Ooi and evaluated by DTM Mohamad.

Time keeper: TM Fazlan
Grammarian: CC Ho Fook Chuan
Ah counter:  TM Justin Ong

Later on our dear Dr Gan gave the general evaluation for the night and President announced the winners and presented the prizes that the winners won on the area contest.

Finally we had CTM CL Diana on the past president speech and ended the meeting for the night.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Double Happiness Happiness, Congratulations Congratulations!

It was about 941pm yesterday! That MII(my) fellow toastmaster Fazlan, "Whatsapp!ed" me with the legendary;

"MASDIANA WON!" small caps. I still recall my feelings of relief and happiness upon hearing the good news. 110 minutes after I flushed and put down the seat back to its original place, I got wind of a second great news! What joy! Micheal Leong Kok Wah won the 1st runner up for the Best Speech Contest!

And then it hit me. How great it fells being on the winning team! It meant being on the side of prestige, honor, and exclusive bragging rights! =)

Congratulations Guys! You are our Champions!...2011. You've given us the inspiration to do more than meets the eye!

Join us in celebrating their Flawless Victories at our next Meeting the 8th of March 2011!

I can sense a theme AND a word of the day coming up! What could it be? Any takers?

This is Trius Blades signing off!
e-VPPR 2010/11

Prelude Meeting to the Double Happiness Happiness!

Dear Toastmasters,

 My humble Gratitude to all who braved storms and phalanxes of chariots to come to the meeting last Tuesday.

There is an old Malay saying "Bagaikan Ribuan Sperma ke Ovum yang Suci" Maksudnya, when we work hard battling again and again toilet bowls and rubber bands, sooner or later, if we do not give up, we will reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Paradise and a new level to improve upon. And I believe that is what Toastmasters is all about, facilitating growth not only internally, but but networks as well.

The 22nd of February 2011 marks Double Happiness Day. A Day of which we should CHERISH, Just like any other. We Have 2 sets of 2s and a double 1. And if we add 2+2+2+2+0+1+1 we get a perfect 10! That's just an observation.

This meeting wasn't just any other meeting. Not only did it facilitate a Toastmaster's meeting just like any other, it was tailored to facilitate the practice of our upcoming candidates for the Area Contest for both Table Topic speech and the Prepared Speech.

Jerene started the meeting just as everyone excitedly settled down and gracefully passed the floor to our Acting President Gan Eng Meng, CC CL to do the president's speech. Our Toastmaster of the Evening cum Birthday Boy Ho Fook Chuan, TM came on stage to address us.

The Table Topics session for this evening was rather special. It was a reverse TTS where audience were to shoot topics at one speaker. If you did not attend this session, you would have missed the chance of getting the insides of our Area Contest represent, Masdiana Ooi ACG CL! She was given 5 topics to speak on from the floor and Mohamad Abdullah, DTM got 2 topics. Like Qigong masters they weaved their way through the topics like experts. Dr.Gan has taught them well!

There after, Thilohthaman AGC CL, gave an excellent comment on their performance.

Then we braked for dinner, where we had a good time feasting and having our Birthday Boy "service" his birthday cake's "Candles". One would not have imagine Ho's ability to blow so many candles at one session!

The prepared speech session was performed by two speakers. Lim Ah Hwai, TM did his 9th Speech titled "the Grass is greener on the other side". And Leong Kok Wah, CC CL practiced his "fire walking" for the Area Contest Speech titled "Challenge the Impossible.

Lim was evaluated by Dr.Gan, but As Area represent, Leong got it "thorough" by an array of Toastmasters best. having said that, I believe the both of them went home with a great experience.

The Roleplayers for the evening were
GE: Ms. Chia Yee Meng, TM
Grammarian: Masmarlena, TM
Ah Counter: Wong Hang Hiang, TM
Timer: Rozina Harun, TM

Thank you for GEing us Ms. Chia, hope you have a fulfilling journey ahead as you progress in your journey as CL. Congratulations.

The meeting was brought to a conclusion by our President, Ms. Goh Wei Lyn,TM and former President, Anna Hue, ACG, CL.

See you next Meeting on the 8th of March 2011!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Fatt Fatt Fatt Meeting =)

Fellow Toastmasters,

Gong Xi Fa Choi! Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit 2011!

And to those who are Hokkien, Happy Pai nien! I am sure most of you would probably have had a hard time sleeping last night. That is because on the 9th Day of Chinese New Year, Chinese community of the Hokkien Clan (Including myself) celebrate our "Chinese New Year"! So if you know any hokkien friends that you work with..wish them.... by email or sms cause they probably would have taken a day off. Haha that is just an Easter Egg for you =)

Thank you all for coming and participating on our very special meeting which was held on the Fatt(8) of February 2011. We had a cozy yet prosperous meeting I would say. Which was boldy the Word of the evening. =)

The meeting started off as Wong Han Hiang, TM brought the meeting to order and passed on the floor to our beloved president, Goh Wei Lyn, TM. Her majesty greeted the meeting with warm greetings and explained a little on the spirit of Chinese New Year.

It is not everyday that you find the Toastmaster of the evening dress up as a bunny-funny-guy for you for the entire evening. And I thought Adam Fung, ACB did an excellent job keeping it in the mood =).

Hopping on delightfully, The Table Topics session commanded by the formidable Fazlan, TM used the keychain approach to churn out creative stories from the audience, and to complement him, Levine Lee, CC-CL did an amazing evaluation on the five speakers. Congratulations on all the speakers who came up to speak.

Hopping past the humor session of which we figured out the usage of rabbit tattoos on the scalp and multitasking while driving, the honorable Playboy of the evening took us to the Maxim of the evening which was the "Dinner at the Penthouse"..Did I say Playboy? I meant Toastmaster of the Evening.(I love Innuendos) =)

We had three assignment speeches today and all amazing in their unique ways!

We first had Lim Ah Hwai, TM with his adaptations of the story of "The Tortoise and the Hare". He was evaluated by Masdiana Ooi Abdullah, CTM-CL.

Next was a 3 minute "Just In News" by Reporter Jerene Yap, CC. And spoke on events relating to cherishing today in her speech "Tomorrow may never come". She was evaluated by Mohamad Abdullah, DTM.

The Highlight of the evening however was an amazing Debut by the lovely Masmarlena, TM who gave a summary of her life to date with projects 1-6 embued in it. As PP.Leong might have said "No longer a Ass.ignment Speech V." Congratulations Marlena, Queen Vi.ctoria would have been proud =). And She was evaluated by her mentor Gan Eng Meng, CC-CL.

After the 3 climatically amazing speeches, the Tall-Dark-and most Chinese dressed Toastmaster of the Evening, Robert Ram, ACS-ALB of  IEM Toastmasters took over the session as General Evaluator. Thank you for your kind and honest comments especially on the website. =)

Roleplayers of the Evening were;

Grammarian: Shizal Ramli, TM
Ah Counter:  Anna Hue, ACG-CL
TimeKeeper: Justin Ong, TM

Award Winners were:
Best Table Topics Speaker & Evaluator : Gan Eng Meng, CC CL

Best Assignment Speaker: MasMarlena, TM

Most Friendly Person: Adam Fun.g, ACB =)

Meeting ended with a Speech by the President Goh Wei Lyn, TM and the Past President Mohamad Abdullah, DTM.

The Next meeting Will be on the 22nd of February 2011, hope to see you there =)

Oh and... Happy Valentine's Day! =)

Trius Blades Out!