Saturday, February 16, 2008

Meeting 15 Feb 2008

We usually meet on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays but this is a special change due to the Chinese New Year season. Still in the mood, I like to wish you Happy Lunar New Year - hope you made your way to KTM (Kuda, Toto and Magnum) and gots lots of return.

I was late for the meeting but am proud of the guys that came early to decorate the meeting place. This is sheer dedication and commitment to their club - a belief I believe reflected in their everyday lives. Oranges were laid on the table, Ang Pows were pasted and posted all over the place and even the club's name was decorated with the APs. The birthday cakes was there, the food was sufficient to cater for the extra crowd and the room was well laid out. To the silent heroes of our club, I salute you for your commitment. As for the others, I hope you too can come a little early just to help them.

Well the meeting started off with the Acting President Leong Kok Wah and the room looks too small to cater for our meeting. Thank you to the HLA team (Ho, Leong and Adam) for bringing the guest. Joyce also brought in a guest but I missed them after the break.

Since I was late, I guess our newest member Khung must have done a great inaugural job of being the ASAA for the meeting. Thank you Khung. Ho did the Invocation and gave his personal views on the benefits of becoming a Toastmaster.

Mohamad took over as TTM from the TME Leong and gave 8 topics on Chinese New Year. From my observations, we Malaysian need to learn a little more of each other's culture to build a better relationship. Masdiana came later to conduct the Evaluation.

Just before the dinner our Humour Master gave a joke about a lazy preacher. Dinner was as usual at the 4th floor and there was Yee Sang to celebrate CNY. This hardworking guys really remembers everything. Can you guess who he is? Anyone who can guess it right, I shall give him or her 10 APs - of course lah with nor money.

The speakers for the night were one PP doing the C&L for the 2nd time, one LTM (lady toastmaster) doing her #6 Assignment uner the C&L and the 3rd is our joker who teaches us on how to be a Minister for Education. Well done PP Philip Wong, LTM Dr Gan Eng Meng and CTM Adam Fung.

The meeting now focusses on the Evaluation with another joker taking control and that is ADVG Mike Teng. He whacked everyone with a touch of humour and before that he has to invite the Evaluators. Monsieur evaluated Philip, Masdiana evaluated Dr GEM and Thilo evaluated Adam. All of them were great.

Oh yes, the Grammarian report was given by Monsieur, Aah Counter by Thilo and Timer Ho.

The Award presentation was done by Leong and the winners for the night are:

* Best Table Topics Speaker - Masdiana Ooi
* Best Assingment Speaker - Adam Fung
* Best Speech Evaluator - Thilothaman
* Best Role Player - Mike Teng
* Most Friendly Persons - Adam Fung

Before the meeting was closed PP Philip did the Closing Ode.