Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monsieur Tilaka - President's Report

My Dear Fellow Members,

Yesterday afternoon, Past Presidents Anna Hue & Philip Wong
together with 2 term VPPR FC Ho + the current president visited
VPPR Monsieur at Room 515 Block D , Pantai Hospital.

When we arrived, Monsieur was wheeled out of ICU not too long ago
and from the picture attached you could see that the nurse is checking
his pupils response to light. From our observation, Monsieur is lucid but
i am deeply concerned that although he constantly addresses me as
mr.president, he cant seem to remember that i have a name.

His abdomen on the other hand is in a sorry state.
I counted NO less than 6 incisions and the scars all over his
abdomen was something like a spreadsheet full of " cut & paste ".
Even Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon would give up this case.
He is so pumped up in steroids that his waist has ballooned out
of proportion to the rest of his body and he is on adult diapers as
the doctors dont want him to get out of bed. ( I believe he is still
mildly sedated but not hallucinating as he still remembers that i am
the most powerful man in the club ).

My dear fellow members, while we have already celebrated CNY
and also our clubs 17th anniversary, VPPR Monsieur's only
celebration has been our visits to the hospital to cheer him up.
Since being admitted to Pantai on the 24th Jan, he has been
battling one surgery after another. In fact he was only home for
about a week for the entire month.

My heart goes out to this young man who despite having the odds
stacked up against him at this moment, is still able to maintain a
cheery disposition. Lets rally around Monsieur by calling him or
sending him a text message at 012 - 295 3668.

Monsieur's words to me as i was leaving his room -
" I want to go home and attend the next meeting "

Good night,


Addendum to Anniversary Meeting

I have just been informed that I made a grave mistake by forgetting that our IPP did the wonderful Invocation. She has done it the way I would love to do it. She pick an appropriate Poem, print it and distributed it, read it with clarity and vocal variety including style.

How can I do this to her? Sorry IPP Sherine Lim, it is my omission and I bid for 1001 apologies.

To the person who has prompt me on this I like to say Thank you to you too.

Anniversary Meeting - 24 Feb 2009

We were honoured by the Division Governor for giving us a 5 Star rating for our Anniversary Meeting. This too has been echoed by members from other Clubs. Personally, I agree with them. We have 1 Star for Hospitality, 1 Star for Punctuality, 1 Star of Quality Program, 1 Star for Great Role Players and 1 Star for Food. Sometimes I like to give 2 Stars for our food, especially for this meeting as Khung brought his Bananas and this time he even brought some Nyonya Kuih, whilst Anna brought a Layer cake. The food we had was great and to my surprise they even have Bread Pudding for dessert; my favourite.

President did the usual thingy and pass it to Larry who as usual, slow and steady set the meeting atmosphere to warm. Pyng our Table Topics Master or Mistress, chose a controversial topic, Men and Women and really got the speakers excited and the audience tickled. The Speakers were Masdiana, Low Yat Seow, S K Leong, Anna, Adam Fung, Willy Tan and Philip Wong. The winner goes to our visiting TM from Speecom Mr S K Leong - no relation to our President. Dr Choong from Taman Indrahana TM Club gave a kind Evaluation of the speakers.

Oh yes, Puan Khadijah was also present and we cut the Anniversary Cake - the Presidents (Past and Present) together with her. Later she gave a short speech congratulating the club and wishing the club better success.

After dinner we had 'Prepared' Speeches from Past Presidents of our Club. Masdiana starts with her 17 Years of Pain and Pleasure, Anna with her Addiction (to Toastmaster), Mike with the Networking thingy and Mohamad on the Tools for Success - that is communication skills. Finally, the main speaker was PDG Low Yat Seow who spoke on the Fun and Frustrations of a District Officer. This man has been a TM for over 15 years and I saw the tremendous improvement in him that night. He as humour and he has substance with great delivery. I am proud of him and truly appreciate that he took the time to prepare and come to the meeting - inspite of having another commitment elsewhere.

Besides those named, I must also add that we had Levine as the Timer, Chin as Grammarian, Mano as Aah Counter and Ho as ASAA. Ho really surprised me when he start the meeting with his remarks which sound something like this, "With the Power in me I will now call the meeting to order." Even after almost 30 years in TM I have never seen an ASAA speaking so commandingly like this. PP Philip did the closing and IPP Sherine sitting pretty and doing back room work.

After the meeting the President calls all the members together and told us the news about Monsieur who was re-admitted to Hospital for the blockage again. We have to pray harder guys.

We had 15 members present and 15 guests - a big crowd no doubt but the food is more than enough to feed 40 pax. I saw Jerine our 2nd time guest who had decided to join us and Salmah, Willy's guest who would consider after the next meeting. The Guests that I remembered but not mentioned above were Mrs Choong from Taman Indrahana, Miss Toh (Larry Sister) and some others that I just could not recall. Please forgive me.

Whilst writing this I got a call from a friend Leanne Yeoh a former member of our Club. I was surprised that she called as I was expecting her at the meeting but strangely she thought it is today and she was disappointed to find no one at the meeting. I am sorry Leanne for the confusion and I hope you will come back again.