Thursday, January 03, 2008

Regular Meeting 27 Dec 2007

Hi guys, I am back again. Just had some misunderstanding with the President as to who should be reporting on this. Anyway, am glad to continue and if you are reading this, whoever you are just give me a note to show that you took the time to read.

Our Last meeting for the year went well inspite of the holidays and people going on leave, etc. My record shows that we had a total of 21 people present comprising of 7 able members from the Speakers Dream, two guests of MII TMC and 12 supportive members of MII TMC.

The theme was simply Happy New Year 2008 and the word of the day is Promulgate. You can find the meaning in the dictionary if you so desire. We had to speakers and yet the meeting went overtime.

Adam our ASAA was his usual self, humourous and making everyone very cosy when he introduce our acting President Leong. Leong ably conducted the session with a round of introduction. He also mentioned that Mr Khung has signed his application form to be a member and will be balloted at the next meeting. He has taken 6 minutes extra before he introduce our TME PP Thilo.

PP Thilo still in his style make sure that everyone understands the history of TM and our club and also the program for the meeting. Then he introduce our President of the FooChow Association from France Monsiuer Tilaka to handle the Invoccation. He did well and did it within 2 minutes.

As usual our Table topics always is fun and this time is conducted by our veteran PAG Anna Hue. She made us all be somebody for the night and force us to tell what we would be doing for 2008. Monsiuer got to be the IGP, Thilo as the BNM Governor, Simon Soh as ACA Chief, Loghan as PM, Adam as Bar Council Chairman, Mohamad as Mahathir (IPPM), Masdiana as Chief Justice and Kam Peng as an Opposition Party leader. All did well and the election result for the best TTM for the night goes to SS, Simon Soh. The TTE was our AG Hin Chong and being a kind person he praise everyone and gave some recommendations for improvement.

Before we go for dinner Loghan entertain us with a few jokes and also with two bottles of 'champaigne' the halal version for a real toast. Thanks Loga.

Dinner was as usual at the 4th floor and everybody had a fair share, except for Mohamad complaining not enough to fill his big tummy.

The speakers for the evening was our IPP Jeff who did his CL project by attempting the Successful Club Series "Closing the Sale". He did well but the two guests does not seemed to be interested in signing in.

The next speaker doing his Advanced Manual Project #4 from the Professional Speaking series entitled the "The Seminar Speaker" Mr Simon Soh tells us on how to manage time using his five steps.

After that the General Evaluator Kam Peng (the CIA of Hong Leong Bank)took control and invited Mohamad to evaluate Simon. As usual he is very critical but sincere in his evaluation (Hei that's me huh!)

The grand ma for the day was Mun Yuen from Speaker's Dream, the Ahcountant came from (sorry I did not get her name)and the time keeper is our Joyce. The best Role player goes to Mohamad. The GE then gave her evaluation and commented that our acting President was an inspiration to her, the meeting was good with lots of experienced speakers from both clubs.

Later the President of Speakers Dream took the rostrum and commented about the food and venue and at the same time did a commercial on their upcoming workshop entitled "Execute your Ideas". Sorry I did not get the date - cannot promote your seminar as 'fee' not paid.

Then MII President said a few words before Masdiana close the meeting with a wonderful passage from Internet. Hope to get a copy from her and publish it here.

Oh yes before I sign off, I must tell you too who the attendees vote for the Most Friendly Person for the night and it goes to a banker who comes from an insurance Toastmaster Club. He works for the Orang Cina Bukan Cina Bank our PP Thilothaman.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY - I am sure your 2008 will be much better; you better believe it.