Tuesday, January 23, 2007

International & Table Topics Speech Contests

Another eventful day for MII TM club members. We successfully conducted the two Contests eventhough our President who is supposed to be our Organising Chairman has to be called to Penang at short notice. As usual the enterprising and reliable VPE took the Chair and ably handed the two Contests smoothly.

We started with the Table Topics Contest with Tillman Shroeder as our Contest Chair. He ably handled the Contest well (with the AG Mike Teng mentoring); so if there is anything wrong the finger goes to Mike. The topic was "The flood in Johore is this the revenge of mother nature?" There were five brave Contestants,

1. Levine Lee
2. Monsieur Tilaka(sekaran)
3. Mohamad Abdullah
4. Leong Kok Wah
5. Philip Wong

The Winners were: Mohamad, Leong and Monsieur

As for the International Speech contest Masdiana OOi was given the honour to host it as Contest Chair. An experienced Contestant herself she handled it with ease and humour. The following kept their promise to participate:

1. Monsieur Tilaka - "Terror at 37,000 feet"
2. Mohamad Abdullah - "F.O.C.- U.S."
3. Joyce Chung - "Learn to forgive"
4. Leong Kok Wah - "Independence Day"

The winners were: Mohamad and Joyce

The Club would also like to thank all the Role Players and Judges who took their time to help out and they are:

1. Chief Judge: Pearly Yap (and her team of Anonymous Judges)
2. Area Governor: Mike Teng for giving away the prizes
3. SAA: Janice Ooi and Meyya (from DKC TM Club)
4. Ballot Counter: Richard and Betty Toh
5. Time Keepers: Mike and Leong (our latest addition)
6. Film Director: Ho who took the VDO
7. Guests: Li Lien (DKC) Shirley, Tania and * (from HSBC Bank), Charlie Foong, and a lady from Bank Negara and member of the Money Mastery, and a couple more that I cannot remember.
8. The OC: VPE Shirene Lim for sacrificing her entry to the Table Topics Contest just to take on the role.

Attendance Score: 54%

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Workshop Facilitators & Participants

Masdiana pondering and wondering

DTM Ramdas using body language and vocal variety

T Raja giving his attention to the speakers and some other participants discussing.

Workshop Participants

Sherine our VPE supporting her head.
Our SAA Leong thinking hard on what he hears.

Levine or Loving looks tired but very deep in concentration.

Workshop Participants

Finance Minister Joyce pondering and pondering...
DTM Ramdas Nayar full in concentration.

VPPR Ho trying to absorb everything.

4in1 Workshop

We were very ambitious putting four Effective workshops into one. The Effective Role Playing (ERP), the Effective Evaluation (EE), the Effective Club Officers Workshop (ECOT) and the Effective Trainers Workshop (ET).

The following members attended the workshop held at AAO Pana Insurance Brokers Board Room in Dataran Prima on 1st Day of the Muslim New Year of 1428, a Saturday 20 Jan 2007 from 9 am till 5.45 pm.

President Jeffrey (IPP),
VPE Shirene Lim (Pres),
Secretary T Raja,
Treasurer Joyce Chung (VPM),
SAA Leong (VPE),
PP AG Mike Teng.
Levine Lee (SAA).
Masdiana Ooi,
PDVG Ramdas Nayar and
Mohamad Abdullah.

ERP Workshop
The session starts promptly and almost everyone was there before 9 am except for Raja who lost his way. The general feelings of those present were that this training is more hands on where they were made to do research on the subject and make the presentation. Most of those who were given the role to present made fantastic research and did well in their presentation.

At the end of the session Masdiana, Ramdas Nayar and Mohamad gave their evaluation on the presentation and also on areas where the Role Player can be more effective.

EE Workshop
Masdiana gave her full account of the way Speech Evaluators have to perform and she maintain that "Whitewashing is not encouraged". Ramdas Nayar who did the session on General Evaluator stressed that one should not destroy people's self-esteem. In Mohamad's Evaluation he reminded all concerned that whilst they are generous and wanting to give everything to the audience they must also respect time and therefore, he recommends that Evaluators should only focus on two good points and give recommendations on only one at most two. He feels that giving too much is just like running the Speaker and destroying his self-esteem.

ECOT Workshop
The workshop went very briefly as most of the incoming officers are faily aware of their role but Joyce and Levine were happy to learn a little more. Ho also commented that members should see the big picture of what the SAA role is. He associated SAA as an Event Organiser and making things happen.

ET Workshop
Masdiana in just over 30 minutes managed to quickly brieed the participants on what a Trainer is expected to do. She touches on the difference relating to a Speaker, a Teacher, A Lecturer, A Facilitator and also a Trainer. She also touches on Games and Energiser which got Raja very excited.

Masdiana kep reminding us that she had to spend ove RM 10k to learn the subject in 10 days and it is impossible for her to share everything in one hour. Sherine felt that it does not help her as she expects more. Masdiana responded by saying that she is ready to share if given sufficient time.

Effective Leadership (EL)Workshop
When the session ends at 4.30 pm the participants seemed inclined to learn more and Mohamad shared something that he had already prepared on the three main areas of an Effective Leadership. He just touched on Attitude, Skills and Knowledge and end it with 6 Leadership Profile, Vision, Values, Recommendations, Communication, Coaching and Support.

Mohamad's three Negative Cs seemed to be well remembered by all and they are: Criticize, Condemn and Complain. Our AG Mike Teng closes the meeting with a note of appreciation to Masdiana, Ramdas Nayar and Mohamad for sharing with them.

(Guys I am now in Genting Highlands Computer Room. Masdiana is attending an official function, the children are busy enjoying themselves at the Indoor Playground and me just working on this from memory. The photos will be posted later and Participants if you wish to provide additional comments, please post it.)