Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Get Up

I hope this video will inspire you especially those who are now feeling down and out. Make sure you have your tissue box with you when you view this.

Monday, July 06, 2009

2009 Installation Dinner

This time our Installation night was held at Dataran Prima Condo and all the members and family were invited for FREE. Which club can provide this? On top of it some of our members even got lucky and bring home some prizes, including their family members. Our IPP Leong was very generous, he donated back his gift for another lucky draw and a young lady (possibly Adam's daughter) was happy that she brought home something.

Assembly of members present for the night. Were you there? Sorry if you have missed it.

Our new Vice President Education Rozina Harun being installed by President Levine Lee.

Dr Gan Eng Meng being installed as Vice President Membership.

Adam Fung getting consultation from Dr Gan.

Two old classmates discussing about old flames.

Dr Gan receiving a Ginseng root from her President (now IPP) Leong for her service as SAA during his term.

Your VPE posing for Ho (I think) trying to get his attention.

2009 Installation Dinner

The members present during the Installation Dinner at Dataran Prima Condo. Sorry if you were not there as we had a wonderful time with the family.

Our VPE Rozina Harun just been installed by the President Levine Lee whilst the rest are waiting in Queue to be installed.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Farewells & Thank You's

23RD JUNE, 2009 – Farewells & Thank You’s

Warmest greetings to all,

The 23rd was a truly memorable day for me, not least because of the horrendous traffic! At MIITC, it is important for members to be punctual and in the past, meetings always began on time. It was imperative for me to be punctual for I was assigned to an important role and this extremely heavy traffic was a severe test of my patience.

That evening’s meeting was an important event; it was a Farewell for our dear President. He must have been pleased, for there was a record attendance of 38 people, despite the heavy traffic. To the members, President Leong Kok Wah was a special person. It was a lovely gathering as the President was accompanied by his First Lady.

Everyone was tinkled pink when Mrs. Khung announced in her introduction that she had come so as to check and see if these MIITC meetings were as real as her husband had claimed every time he left her at home!

Members and guests were further entertained when Adam Fung (ACB) and S. Manogaran (TM) had every one in stitches with their short act in the form of eulogy to the out-going President. It was an impressive eulogy, detailing a long list of the fine qualities of Leong Kok Wah. It was a list of the qualities required to be an outstanding President of MIITC, including the qualities of being persuasive, forceful, compassionate, passionate, dedicated, caring, creative, resourceful and the list goes on!

There was a special appearance made by Keats Markandu (PP), a past-president of MIITC, who gave a presentation on “Glimpses into Storytelling”. Keats is a good storyteller who has organised storytelling sessions with children at the local bookstores and libraries. During her presentation, she shared her experience as a storyteller and also gave some pointers like using props, good facial expressions and a variety of voice tones in order to be a good story-teller. Also, the most important quality of a good storyteller is the ability to enjoy telling stories to others.

The grand finale of the evening was of course the farewell speech by our dear President. It was a very touching and emotional speech, I felt, full of fond memories, a recollection of a year’s achievement and an inspiring statement dedicated to the 3 newly wed couples (who got married during his presidency tenure). He wished them well, that they would have a marriage as lucky as his, where they could wake up every morning with their lovely partner next to them and be able to say “I don’t want anything more”.

The evening ended with two bottles of sparkling drinks being popped-out and poured in paper cups, sipped with muffins made by Mrs. Leong Kok Wah.

No regrets, according to the President. It was a wonderful evening for Mr. & Mrs. Leong Kok Wah.

TI Tips

July 1, 2009


Club Presidents! Last Call for Proxies!
Make arrangements for your club's votes to be cast in August at the 2009 Annual Business Meeting in Mashantucket, Connecticut. There are three ways a club can use its proxy. Do you know all three?

Last Chance for Early-Bird Registration for Convention & Hotels
Act fast and take advantage of the early-bird discount by getting your registrations in by July 20. Don't miss this opportunity. We'll see you in Connecticut!

Plan Now for Success in Jun
It's time to start strategizing for the new Distinguished Club Program year. Smooth your progress by using the Club Success Plan in the DCP manual and make use of social networking tools to mine the knowledge of other successful clubs.

Start Off on the Right Foot
With the start of a new program year, make sure your club is well prepared to build and maintain its membership.

Can Your Club Top That?
Last year 820 clubs were awarded the Smedley Award. Can your club reach a new number to top this?

Please Follow the Contact Rules
You may be unaware that the e-mail you just sent out to a group of members is in violation of policy on the use of Toastmasters' member contact information.

Welcome 2009-2010 Club Officers
Did you know there is a club officer section of the TI Web site tailored just for you? The Club Officer Resources page provides a host of information and tools to help you succeed in your new role.

Why Have Two When One Will Do?
In order to provide the most relevant information to all new prospective clubs, the community and company new club information kits (now Item 123) have been combined.

Interested in Volunteering at the International Convention?
In less than two months the 2009 Toastmasters International Convention will commence at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort in Mashantucket, Connecticut. There will be over 600 volunteer opportunities to serve your fellow Toastmasters and you can be a part of this adventure by volunteering for one of these many positions!

Calling All Toastmasters Educators
If you're a middle school or high school teacher who is also active in Toastmasters, and you're interested in test-driving the new TI Youth Communication materials, we'd love to hear from you.