Monday, May 19, 2008

Meeting 7 May 2008

Time really flies and there seems to be so many things happening that takes priority over your schedule and work cannot get done. This delay in reportting has no excuse and I take the rap from you. If at all there is an excuse here is one, my dear wife complains of a chest pain on Friday night and I immediately took her to the nearest clinic and to my surprise the doctor was attending to another patient but on seeing her condition he immediately excuse her and let my wife in. On seeing her he immediately checked her blood pressure and asked me to send her to the hospital. Then off I went to University Hospital. We were there and the doctor kept her for observation till 3 am before she was released.

On Saturday my daughter went to school for Ninjitsu class and was stung by a bee. I thought it was a mere stung which I got plenty when young but the swell was alarming and I took her to the clinic. The doctor gave her an injection and we go home as normal. The next day the swell got worst and I went to the clinic again and the doctor now asked me to send her to the hospital - off again to UH.

That is my Wesak week holiday. Positively speaking it was lucky on a holiday.

For our meeting on 7th May I must say it was a historic day. The CEO of MII Puan Khadijah herself was there and she was earlier than most of our members. Luckily our VPE was there and had time to brief her a little whilst he shift the tables and chairs with her assistance.

We had over 30 pax for the night one of the best turn out and with 7 came from AAO, 4from Takaful Ikhlas, 2 from MSIG, one from Anika and Mike and Levine brought one guest each. The other guests were AG Lim and Soo Pon from Speakers Dream.

The meeting started punctually with our Acting President Leong take control. He briefly explained the theme for the night "Strangers in the Night" and the word of the day "Charm" before passing the control to the TME Mike Teng.

Mike as usual take pains in going through the details of the meeting and the usual rituals before calling on the TTM AG Lim Hin Chong. This evening TT Session was conducted differently - he asked the speaker to continue with his story of a dark night..... The session was well responded and the winner went to Soo Pon.

The Table Topic Evaluator was Masdiana and as usual she was Candid, Open and Direct.

After that we had Ho who did one of the best delivery of his Humour; slowly and got me so impatient and finally he drops the punch line.

Dinner was great, there were enough food though the crowd was larger than normal. Puan Khadijah stayed on but before the break she made a few observation which was welcomed by all. She was happy to see the response to her letter and look forward to further meeting with the club.

After the dinner Kasturi gave her rendition of Breaking the Ice and as usual we were all directed to give her a standing ovation after the speech by the TME. Next was Philip still giving us an account of his to be published book. This was followed by Adam who gave us some insight into MLM. The winner for the best speaker goes to Adam.

Mohamad was the General Evaluator and due to time he has to run the Session quickly. Generally his comment was that the club has done very well when compared to all the other clubs that he knows. However, he also urged the members to continue to be better, though a little at a time.

The winner for the Best Evaluator goes to Anna, the best Role Player to Mike Teng and most Friendly again to Mike Teng. It is about time the other members strive to topple him. The closing Ode was done by Anna and it was appropriate with the many guests we have that night.

Happy Wesak day yesterday and Happy Mothers Day last week and Happy Teachers day this week, Happy Fathers Day next month and above all Have a happy day everyday.