Saturday, May 01, 2010

Meeting 27 April 2010

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We had 20 people attending the last meeting and 25% of them are guests and thanks to Jerene who brought in Susan and Tan, directly and with assistance from IPP David and Wai Ling from MUI and a visiting TM from Shaklee Family Vincent Soon. As for our members they all played a role and I would record their names accordingly.

President Levine came and due to the massive traffic which cause PP Anna, GE+EVP Rozina,some guests and yours truly were late and could not hear what our President had said.

HH Wong was the TME for the first time and am glad he did prepare himself well for the role. TTM was Masdiana also well prepared with Quotations for the speakers to agree or not to agree. The speakers were: Leong, Willy, Philip, Anna, Jerene and Mohamad. The vote goes to Mohamad on the topic, "Turn your scars to stars." The TTE was Monsiuer.

Following this we had an induction of Wong Chen our new member and I must congratulate our IPP for the way he conducted the session, very professional - maybe we make him the permanent inductor.

Picture of Wong Chen being inducted by President Levine.

Dinner was great but considering there are 20 mouths to feed the food seemed just enough and no extra helping for the hungry ghosts.

We have a full house of Project speakers starting with an Icebreaker well crafted by Wong Chen. In a short time of 6 minutes he bares himself as a 41 year old lawyer and at the same time help the family business, born in Kelantan, studied in Singapore and UK and now work in KL, a Toaist, sbna and a member of PKR - watch this guy he will be going places. He has a well chosen Evaluator PP Anna who seemed has no recommendation for him except that don't be too humble and apologise; just speak.

The next speaker was called Justice Ong aka Justin Ong. This is his 2nd Project speech and he shared with us on Photography something that he is passionate about. Now I know that "Photo" is light and "Graphy" is draw. He told us about aperture, focus, etc. His Evaluator was Willy.

After Photography we got motivated by Jerene when she advices us to package ourselves well otherwise don't leave the house. She feels that every one judges you by your look first and that is why nice looking products got sold fairly quickly. Her Evaluator is PP Philip.

Our last speaker is Mohamad who wants to commit suicide by doing a project on "Addressing the Opposition" and asking the audience to give the government a chance. In this project he is requested to conduct a Q&A session for 2 minutes but the crowd was so eager to fire him that he has to be stopped at 6 minutes. His evaluator was Dr Gan who correctly said that Mohamad's arguments are not strong enough, not convincing enough and not persusive enough. Mohamad needs to work harder if he believes in what he is saying.

After all these speeches GE Rozina took control and we all listened to Vincent Soon on the language used, Wei Lyn on the Aahs, Willy on the time after the respective Speech Evaluators. GE Rozi in her usual self, soft and sweet but firm gave her views about the meeting and profusely apologise for coming in late and strongly recommend that future GE cannot be late.

The Winners for the evening were:
1. Best Table Topics Speaker - Mohamad Abdullah
2. Best Project Speech - Wong Chen
3. Best Project Speech Evaluator - Dr Gan Eng Meng
4. Best Role Player - Goh Wei Lyn
5. Most Friend Person -

Picture of Dr Gan receiving the Best Evaluator Award from President Levine.

Finally, the Past President Philip takes over and closes the meeting.