Friday, May 30, 2008

Meeting 27 May 2008

It is a pressure having to complete this meeting report within 24 hours of the meeting when work in the office is escallating and tasks at home is increasing. If the news I am writing now is a little stale, please give me some space as I am going through a busy time of the year.

I must say at the outset that the last meeting was another fantastic meeting with 24 people attending and participating. Only 11 members, 11 guests and 2 visiting members and with the TME Adam Fung at the centre, all went well. I must confess that Adam has improved with his dressing and his preparation. Keep it Adam and we are confident you will be successful in whatever you are doing right now.

The Acting President Leong took over as usual and he did well getting the guests to introduce themselves. Later he introduced our Adam Fung to take control of the meeting. Adam fully prepared took the stage and after the routine rituals call on the Invocator or rather the Invocation Presenter Mohamad to come forward.

Mohamad took a little longer this time and presented an invocation, a writing from his friend Lawrence Walter Ng a well known trainer, and read it. Full version of the invocation will be published with some small variation.

Later a member from MIA TM Club Thilaga was invited to conduct the TT Session. She did well introducing the subject clearly and get people to participate. The crowd like her style and awarded her the best Role Player for the evening.

The TT Evaluator is Ho and he too surprised me with positive feedback on the various speakers. Keep it up Ho, I am proud of you and I hope you will continue to give your dedication to your own improvement.

The humour master for the evening was, let me see, is - nevermind I come back on this when I remember who he is. Oh I was joking it is not a he it is a SHE a doctor call GEM, a darling. It was her first attempt and from one who is serious, she really took her job seriously and lost some sleep over the presentation. Humour is no laughing matter.

We went for dinner and as usual, very boring to report that our dinner is great. We had good food and enough for all inspite of the large turnout.

After dinner we had a little trouble to show the VDO of Poor Yarn's. We managed to show the full excerpt of the presentation but the speaker was a little soft though. Leong, Mohamad, Adam and Ho gave their evaluation on her performance and generally they are happy with her presentation. Mohamad however, felt that she should dressed up like those F1 girls and recommend that there must be director to organise the show.

Anna Hue took over from the VDO and she was the Cindralella for the night speaking to herself with her back against her Evaluator (by accident I guess) and deliver a perfect rendition of a poor girl fantasy that came to reality. Her Evaluator is Gan from KDU TM Club and he wants Anna to be more dramatic.

Next is Mohamad giving a Status Report entitled Creating Robust Talents. He shared with us the acronym STATE = Solution to attract talented employees. At the same time he also state that S=Skill, T=Time, A=Attention, T=Talent and E=Equipment. Briefly we have to give them skills, time, attention, talent and equipment to realise their unrealised potentials.

His Evaluator is Leong and aptly he said that the statistics given and the facts are insufficient. He felt that Mohamad based more on his opinion than factual evidence.

Later the GE Levine doing her maiden role gave a good run down of the meeting and gave a few good suggestions to improve the meeting. One of her suggestion was to use only one note book for the evening to avoid time wastage.

The Grammarian for the night was our 'young' rookie Khung. It was his first attempt and he took his job in his stride and did well considering the areas he recommend for even some senior members. People when speaking just forget that 'just' and 'recently' are two words of the same meaning and this is called redundant. Another is about people who like to introduce themselves as "married with two kids". You did not get married with two kids (only kangaroo have kids, humans have children), in fact you are married to your spouse. Keep it up Khung, looks like you are good at it and may be given the job again later.

Our PP Larry came back today and close the meeting.

Oh, I forgot, President came before Larry to get feedback from the guests and also gave the Certificates to the winners. The Best TT Speaker goes to visiting TM Gan and the most friendly guy for the night goes to none other than Adam Fung.

If you read this till this part, send me an email to tell me how you like or dislike the report and how I can improve it.