Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meeting Report 9 June 2009

TM Mano presenting a Cheque to Mr President

TM Mano donating a VDO Cam to the Club

My warm and joyous salutations to all,

I took a brief break from writing on the Toastmii Blogspot, so I may have missed a report on the Club’s meeting held on 26th May, 09.

Not filing a report for this Blogspot does not mean that there was nothing much to report or that the event held on 26th, May, 09 was uneventful. On the contrary, the evening was fun, hilarious, entertaining and of course had some interesting moments when assigned speakers gave their prepared speeches to the attentive audience.

The theme of the evening was “Guest is King” and we were truly blessed with an overwhelming attendance of invited guests. (to post photo of guests).

The evening’s highlights were the four speeches, delivered with gusto by:-

Leong Kok Wah with his Advance Manual, Project No. 2 titled “Life is short, do not have an affair!”

Lim Ah Hwai and his Competent Communicator (CC) Manual, Proj. No.2 “Six Sigma for Life”

Ho Fook Chuan completing his CC Manual, Proj. No.10 “There is Hope” and

Simon Soh , CC Manual, Project No. 7 with the title “ PAEI”

Meeting Held on 9th June, 2009

Like I mentioned earlier, there will never be a dull moment in MIITC once the Sergeant At Arms strikes the gavel to announce the start of the meeting.

This time, our dear Mr. President organised an impromptu debate to blend with the theme of the evening, “Battle of Wits”. Everyone was energised to capture the meaning of the word of the day “Energise”.

My favourite toastmaster of the evening, Adam Fung (ACB) became the Moderator for the debate and he took centre stage.

The topic of the debate, “Couples are encouraged to live together for a period of time before they get married”, was picked by the President himself. No one knew about the title of the debate until it was presented by Adam, the Moderator, after the two teams were set up that evening. It was indeed the “battle of wits” cum “battle of the sexes”!

The Proposer: Mohamad Abdullah (Captain)
S. Manogaran
Willy Tan

The Opposer: Anna Hue (Captain)
Dr. Gan
Jerene Yap

The men’s team began the debate with all kinds of unreasonable statements, arguments and excuses that I find too shameful to record in this blog. As a show of support to my kind, I shall not elaborate further.

The women on the other hand pointed out that men “stray” both before AND after marriage. There is no guarantee that the man will marry the woman after cohabitation and the man has to gain more than the woman with this arrangement. Without the responsibility of marriage, the man is free to stray as he pleases. The bottom line is that cohabitation is an excuse to take the girl to bed! (I could carry on listing down the reasoned arguments of the women’s team, but in doing so I might appear to be biased!). Suffice to say, all speakers from both teams contributed to a great debate that left everyone feeling impressed and happy.

Before the meeting ended, Mr. President made a surprise announcement, informing members that TM S. Manogaran, out of his good heart has donated a brand new Sony Camcorder to the Club. The Club is indeed blessed with such kind-hearted members like TM S. Manogaran. Thank you Mano, your thoughtfulness will go a long way. Such gesture shows that MIITC is where good people congregate in the spirit of comradeship!

Your BlogMaster: Rozina Harun