Tuesday, February 26, 2008

IS and TT Contests - 26 Feb 2008

This is my personal view of the Club Contests last night and I hope no one will assasinate me for it - all done in the interest of progress.

Last night contests was the first ever I have seen in MII where there are more Judges than speakers; in fact, I saw there are more guests than members. Where have all our members went? My survey seemed to say that they are all over the world carrying out their official duties. I don't fault them. It is also my policy that work must come first and for that matter too, family must also come ahead of the club.

To Anna, Philip, Larry, Thilo, Joyce, Jeffrey and Richard, I know you are not in town and I hope you are well wherever you are. For the rest who are in town but could not attend, I guess you must have your reasons - I must respect your decision.

For those of you who were there like, Sherine, Leong, Levine, Mike, Masdiana, Adam, Ho, Monsieur, Dr Gan, Khung and Mohamad I salute you for your presence.

The Contests went well and I must congratulate our OC Leong for the way he conducted them single handedly - fast and proper. My only recommendation was not to switch roles with Mike too often that it looks like a circus. Cut all the formalities and move on.

Well on the Table Topics Contests, I cannot commend much as I was not there to see how they perform. Only four Contestants took part and they are Ho, Monsieur, Mohamad and Adam. Monsieur took the first place and Mohamad the second. The winner went to Monsieur and Mohamad was the runner up.

On the International Speech Contest I must say that Mohamad could have done better. He did not elaborate enough on his topic "WAT - A3T" (What a Treaty) and his points were not clear. As an experienced TM he could have done a better job. Anyway, he took the first place and from my point of view it could be due to the originality of the message and the way he deliver it. I also overheard his wife Masdiana commented that "...his examples were not clear but this time he uses his vocal variety well".

The next speaker was Adam who spoke on Opportunity. In my view this is one of his best speeches - he seemed to have prepared it well; the contents and delivery. He started off well and structured the speech perfectly. The only area I can recommend is that he needs to move out from motivating speeches as Judges, I believe had enough of it. If he insist on speaking on the same subject for the Area I would suggest that he take out the examples and make new ones that are personal to him. For example, how he misses to see an opportunity and lost and how he embrace another opportunity and gain. Make it more personal and I believe the Judges will appreciate it more. (Adam got second place and since Mohamad will be in South Africa during the Area contest he will represent the club and I am sure with a little bit of polishing he can win the Area Contest.)

As for Monsieur, he uses his personal experience but I miss his message. From Fat to Fitness I like him to tell us how he encourages us to lose weight. Anyway, the title could be better in my opinion if it is 'Fatness to Fitness'. The contents should not have too long an example of being stuck. That example was good but too long and the additional part of it is unrelated. Focus on how you have slim down would be great and use more other examples.

Our Dr Gan to me was at her best for the night. The topic relates to her profession and she delivered it well. I thought she had crafted her speech splendidly and I give her full point for it. Areas where I believe Dr Gan can win, I repeat can win in a speech contest is to introduce vocal variety, emotion and quote some quotations. I find that most Judges are attracted to people who speak loud, full of action and humourous. However, Dr Gan may not win the contest but she win my votes for being the most improved speaker.

The above are my personal views and I hope readers will look upon it as a way TM evaluate speakers to make them better. The recommendations may not be correct but if you agree adopt it and if you do not just ignore it.

Before I forget, let me thank the Chief Judge Area Governor Paul Tan, Time Keepers were Fong (Money Mastery) and Levine Lee, TME Mike Teng, many guests and Sherine our bride to be.

Please post your views to encourage future contestants.