Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The Club AGM was conducted professional with proper Minutes and Report by the President and also the Minutes of the last meeting. Of course we can do better the next time.
For the information of members MII conduct their AGM early to enable to newly elected Executive Committee time to prepare for their year that starts in July. President promised that by the second meeting in July we can call for an EGM to approve the account for her year starting 1st July 2007 till 30th June 2008.
Just to report that the following has been elected and to take office comes July 1st.
• President Leong Kok Wah
• VP Education Levine Lee
• VP Membership Mohamad Abdullah
• VP Public Relation Monsieur Tilaka
• Hon Secretary Larry Toh
• Hon Treasurer Joyce Chung
• Sergeant at Arms Dr Gan Eng Meng
• Immediate PP Sherine Lim

• Hon Auditors Anna Hue
• Hon Auditor Phillip Wong

Meeting 22 Jan 2008

The meeting started a bit late than usual due to the bad traffic outside. Mohamad saw a bus at Damansara broke down and caused a massive jam from PJ. Anyway, we were happy it got started a little earlier though unofficially by PP Mike Teng and VPE Leong with an introduction to Toastmaster to a few staff of MII who came to learn about Toastmastering.

We started about six minutes late with SAA Mike Teng briefly called the meeting to order and surrender the rostrum to our VPE Leong. Leong as usual apologise to everyone about our President who will be late due to some office matter. VPE also update us on our SAA, saying that we do not have to visit him as he has been discharged earlier the day. He also touches on the use of words and how his email may have offended some people so he has chosen not to use the work ELECTION but put it on a card. He later explained that he and another member is not as free as some people may think but they have control of their time and can spend the time for the club. Actually, he is trying to garner more members to come forward and ease his pressure a little. He, later introduce one of the club founder Masdiana to take control of the meeting for the evening.

The TME Masdiana Ooi as usual, being candid and being her true self, started the meeting and tells us about the club past which most members do not know. She did all the routine which I do not have to report here and then call on our Grand Ma Anna to introduce the word for the day which is ‘VENT’.

As we do not have the table topics session this evening due to the AGM that is going to be held after the meeting she called on the speakers for the evening. First was PP Philip Wong who did his Ice Breaker for the 2nd time round talking about his milestones. All I can remember is how he was so close to Malaysia’s top Billionaire. Next, she called upon Dr Gan to present her C&L #5 Project. Dr Gan spoke on “Breaking the News” – about how she being a doctor having to tell a patient the bad news. After that PP Jeffrey was called to deliver his CL Assignment.

We were late having dinner at 8.15 pm and had promised to come back at 8.35 pm. During dinner we sang the birthday song for Phillip as he is the only January child present. He cut his cake and we wish him well. This will send me money on my birthday but I do not even know when his birthday is. Will check this up and still try to send him a card.

After dinner we went straight to Evaluation and PP Larry took over. Speech evaluator for the evening was Levine for Phillip and Mohamad for Dr Gan. According to the GE Levine did well considering it was her first attempt and Mohamad was a little critical. The other evaluator took their turn to report and I also heard our Aah Counter reporting that Phillip uses two words not in his dictionary, “Ai Yoh” and “Insha’allah”.

Positive comments by our GE were: Carpets has been replaced, toilet renovated, noticed Mike explaining to guests on Toastmastering, opening speech by VPE was well done and he even commented that the Blog was active. Phooh – gave me more pressure lah! His recommendation was to start the meeting promptly and the Exco to consider buying a new Time machine.

Mike Teng did the Closing Ode and spent more than 5 minutes to tell us about the new Competent Leader Manual. Our VPE went up again to advise members that our next meeting will be held on 15 Feb instead of 12 Feb as he suspect that many members would still be away on holiday. He had also organised the meeting schedule and distribute this to all the members and plead that those who cannot handle their role to please find a replacement by themselves. I agree with this as it is too much to ask for one person to go hunting for another replacement for you. I guess, if you have a buddy, get your buddy to help so that when he is not able you can stand in. I will announce the program separately.

Oh yes I forgot, we had two guests from MII and they are Wan and another. I forgot her name but will certainly find this out. 14 Members present were: Sherine, Leong, Joyce, Levine, Anna, Masdiana, Mike, Larry, Jeffrey, Phillip, Dr Gan, FC Ho, Khung and Mohamad. Apologies came from Monsieur.

That’s all folks for now – Happy Taipusam!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Update on Monsieur

Dear Members,

A thousand apologies. Wrong room. Wrong Time.
The new wing in Pantai Hospital is a pretty big ward.

I visited SAA CC Monsieur Tilaka on Friday
and have this to report.

As you can see from picture 004, 005 & 006,
surgery was performed from the side of Monsieur's
head and all the way to his abdomen. I am not able
to specifically comment on what ails him.
I suppose Dr.Gan will be in a better position to
explain to all of us. The more Monsieur talks
about it to me, the more I am confused and worried.

Nevertheless, I have decided that in Monsieur's best
interest, I should stop sending him "alcoholic beverages ",
just to be on the safe and sober side.
Therefore, with Madam President and the EXCO's
permission I bought him a fruit basket courtesy of
all members of MII-TMC. ( picture 008 ).
Monsieur sends his appreciation to all members.

What came next was very depressing ( picture 009 ).
A nurse delivered Monsieur's dinner and his immediate
grim facial expression says it all. At this junction,
Monsieur lamented that our club caterer's food tastes
like French cuisine anytime. I have come to the conclusion
that the reason why half of all patients who enter the
hospital do not get to leave is because of the food they
serve there !!! Any debate on this matter ??

Anyway, the point is this. Again, what would it take to
elicit a response from all of you ??? A funeral ??
Judging from the tepid response so far from only
a handful of members, Monsieur would really have to
fake it before anyone notices.

The MII-TMC is not a 200 member club.
We have only got 20 members at the last count.
This poor guy has spent 16 days ( out of 20 ) so far
this year in Pantai hospital. That I can guarantee all of
you is not a statistic all of you want to start the year with.

Granted Monsieur may not be the most popular guy
in the club,
Granted Monsieur may not be the most like able guy
in the club,
but he is after all a member of MII-TMC.

So , let's see all of you walk the talk.
If all of you are going to preach - " For Better Fellowship "
at the very least send him a text message or call him
at 012 - 2953 668 or better still, go the distance and
surprise him at Block D , 5th floor, Room 515 ,
new wing Pantai Hospital, Bangsar.

By the way, Monsieur spoke to me on the phone
this afternoon that he is contemplating sneaking
out of the hospital on Tuesday, so that he can be
with us at the meeting. The poor chap is bored and
practically "rotting" to death at the hospital, not
forgetting also that he is being "abused" by all the
pretty nurses there. ( remember the picture of the urinal ).
Hell !! I want to check in too !!

Selamat Malam.