Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pictures at Meeting on 25 March 2008

Some of the pictures at our meeting on 25 March 2008.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Meeting on 25 March 2008

After the back to back Contests we were back at regular meeting with 11 members and one guest. Our Guest was from Sai TM Club (our incoming AG) Dr Devikamani Menon and our members present were: Leong, Levine, Monsieur, Masdiana, Khung, Dr Gan, Mike Teng, Kasturi, FC Ho, Philip & Mohamad.

Everything went smoothly except that Dr Gan had to take over Thilo's job as Timer as well and when she handles the Table Topics Session, Philip had to handle the Timer job. Great team work.

The Acting President Leong took the rostrum from our ASAA Khung and start the meeting by saying a few words on the theme for the meeting REINVENT. He later hand over the control to Monsieur as the TME.

I must say that Monsieur has matured somewhat and was comfortable handling the TME position. He did it well and deserved to be voted as the best Role Player for the meeting.

Masdiana took the Invocation session by quoting a poem she got from her research. Very motivating and that should be the way Invocation presenter should do - rather than saying it in her own words.

Dr GEM handles her first Table Topics Session and I must congratulate her for a job well done. Except for some questions which are a little bit long the rest was specific and provoke the speaker to express their own personal views on the theme of the night that is Reinvent.

Six speakers took the challenge to speak at the Table Topics Session and the vote for the best speaker goes to Mike Teng. The Evaluator was FC Ho, his virgin attempt as well and did it very well. (He was so eager to participate and our PP Philip has to give way to him to participate as a speaker.)

The Humour master for the meeting was given to PP Philip Wong and he really made all of us tickled with his story, "At age 35 you still believe in Genie?".

Dinner was as usual great but this time we had more share with less people. The birthday boy is none other than our Presiden berlakun, LKW (not related to Singapore LKY). Thanks Levine for getting the cake.

The two speakers for the night was Levine doing her successful club series that earned her the title of CL and also a point for the club whilst Adam did a splendid sales pitch about some magic stones with lots of demo. Great education for me.

Our guest was the GE for the evening and commented favourably on the club performance. She commented our role players were exemplary, our TTM has chosen good questions, our voting slips was professionally done, Role Players (RP) handles more than one role and members were versatile. On top of these she also commended on our Award for most friendly person and the display of our achievements.

On her recommendations, she suggested that our TTE should not participate, which I agree as he should give others a chance but for someone who is eager to speak I guess we don't mind. She also noticed that we were too friendly and interject a speaker - here I reckon we should be more flexible as it gives the speaker a chance to train on how to deal with it; as you wouldn't know when your next public speech will have such or worst interrupters.

On her suggestion that a project speech must be evaluated by someone who has done the assignement is not right. TI has made it clear that if a person has done three Assignements he or she can evaluate anyone. After all it is all about training ourselves. What happens if a club has no one who has done an Ice Breaker, does it mean that we have to import all the evaluators? What happens if the nearest club is 12,000 miles away? Let us be a little open about this. For me I would appreciate if the Evaluator is my junior as I am listening to a lay person view of my speech not someone who used his or her experience to tell me how to do it.

Anyway, Mike in his usual self always fooling around and worked hard to earn the title of most friendly. I guess if each and every member of the club and also guest could strive to be friendly - I am sure we will all enjoy.

The closing Ode was missed out somehow as time was not with us - sorry Mike.