Sunday, May 03, 2009

Meeting on 28 April 2009

Helloooo, is there anyone out there? If you have accidentally opened this BlogSpot, I welcome you to the MII-Toastmasters Club BlogSpot with warm hugs. Writing this blog and not knowing if my blogs are being read by others is like writing a love note to myself!!

The sweltering hot and humid weather has taken a toll on me; therefore I need to be excused on medical ground, from doing this next blog!

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Don’t worry Boss, I was just pulling your legs…Wah… such long legs you have!

Meeting Held on 28th April, 2009

Theme for the evening was W.I.N.E. It stands for “Winning is not Everything”. The word of the day is ‘Impossible’.

TM Khung the Invocation Presenter of the evening took the liberty to share a short write up on “Don’t Quit”. An inappropriate topic for those who decided to quit smoking!

TM Mano took charge of the Table Topic Session throwing simple but yet interesting topics like men are better cooks than women, would you dare put your parents in the old folks home and can women cohabit in the same house.

There was another induction ceremony held and this time Mr. President was proud to induct Jerene Yap as a new member of MII Toastmasters Club. Before the ceremony began, Jerene was accompanied out of the room, while Mr. President asked the floor if there were any objections to induct Jerene as a member. CTM Masdiana cheekily commented that Jerene is too pretty. We took that as compliments to our new member and also to MII-TMC as it has attracted beautiful people to the Club.

Three main speakers for the evening were:

1. DTM Mohamad Abdullah with his project titled “Focus NOT on the

2. TM Ho Fook Chuan with his project titled “Feeling Down”

3. TM Willy Tan with his project titled “Care and be Cared”

Mohamad gave a speech related to MII-TMC goals reminding office bearers not to focus so much on garnering points for the Club but instead to focus on building fellowship, help members grow by developing their skills, be different and to add value to the Club.

TM Ho’s “Feeling Down” presentation was back fired when his evaluator, ACG Anna told him that his speech content did not meet the requirement of the manual. He needs to redo the presentation again. I was particularly amused when the A4 size papers which he distributed to members as part of his presentation depicting negative emotions such as anger, shit, and upset had to be used on him instead.

TM Willy has a good reason to celebrate that evening, it was his 10th speech and with that he is now granted the title CC or Competent Communicator. Let us congratulate Willy for his perseverance. We were also touched by his generous gesture in footing the dinner bill as a celebration to his achievement. May he be blessed to give more speeches at the next level! It must have made his day too when he was awarded the Best Speaker for the evening.

A big hand goes to TM Lim, the Sergeant At Arms who managed to control the programme with his excellent time management. By the time Mr. President took over the rostrum, it was just 9.00 pm, half an hour ahead of time.

As a closure Mr. President took the opportunity to share a comment made by an outsider who attended one of MII-TMC meetings a long time ago. The person told Mr. President that he felt embarrassed when he attended the MII-TMC meeting, and this was because all the male members of MII-TMC wore blazers except for him. To interpret Mr. President’s sharing, all members are expected to continue the legacy of dressing smartly to show their pride in attending such prestigious meetings.

Mr. President also presented a box of Brand Essence of Chicken to TM Mano as a cheerful gift after his recovery from a Dengue sickness and an unfortunate car accident; a caring gesture indeed by our beloved Ah Leong in helping boost TM Mano’s low morale.

With that, I end this report with a happy note –‘Saya Yang Dipaksa Bertugas!’

Rozina Harun