Friday, January 15, 2010

Meeting on 12 Jan 2010 & AGM

Our President made a good speech to open the meeting by saying that we are the only club that she knows in our District or the world to have our AGM and election early in December or January. She believes that with early election, our incoming officers will be able to emulate the current officers and perhaps do better during their time. Furthermore, with more time the incoming Team will be able to have more time to plan for their year.

The President then pass the control of the AGM to Mohamad and the result of the Nominating Committee list was accepted in toto after IPP reported his year's activities and the accounts for his year passed. Our new incoming Exco with be as follows:

1. President - Rozina Harun
2. VP Education - Dr Gan Eng Meng
3. VP Membership - Chung Yoke Ki
4. VP Public Relations - Stanley Ho Fook Chuan
5. Secretary - H H Wong
6. Treasurer - Manian
7. SAA - Tash
8. IPP - Levine Lee
9. Auditors - Mano and Thilo

Anyway, on the general meeting I can say that all the role players seemed to be very proud member of this 'illustrious' club. They kept on saying the 'best club in the district', and many more praises.

The Role Players were:

ASAA - Tash
Table Topics Mistress - Jerene
Table Topics Evaluator - Dr Gem
Speakers were - Leong and Lim
Evaluators were - Anna and Mano
Language Evaluator - Masdiana
Aah Counter -
Timer - HH Wong
General Evaluator - Thilo
Tee Em EE - Mohamad

Oh yes I almost forgot that Justin had signed in as a member of the club and we had three guests present and they too look promising in joining us.

Happy New Year guys take care. Will post some pictures soon.