Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Meeting Report 24 April 2007

This report is under construction. Still locating my notes.

Meeting Report - 10 April 2007

To all those who religiously come and visit this blog I must apologise for the delay in producing this report. A billion apologies as time is not with me and I was under the weather for a while.

Briefly, the meeting was well conducted with the President doing his routine. He then pass the control of the meeting to our PP Philip Wong who conducted the meeting like a professional. The Invocation Presenter was Raja, and yours truly was the Table Topics Master. I worked on the theme for the meeting "Change". The Evaluator for this session was PAG Janice. To Humour us for the evening was everready Richard.

The Assingment speakers were Dr Gan Eng Meng #1 (C&L)and Levine #8 (C&L). Dr Gan tell us about herself and I am still waiting for her biodata to be posted on the net. Levine on the other hand told us about Radio frequency Identification (RFID) a new defice to tag items.

Masdiana was invited to give a talk to the members and she was focusing only on the Invocation and Table Topics. Basically she told us the history and recommends that future Invocation Presenter just read a motivational poem or quotation and not to give their own views on things as this amy be controversial and become negative. She even suggested that such Poem be printed on the Certificate of Awards to give value to it.

On the Table topics Master, she suggested the following:

1. Invite the non-role player
2. Prepare 10 Questions and depending on the time allow at least 8 topics.
3. Speakers can be at their seat to save time so that more members and guests will be given a chance to speak.
4. Brief the audience on the purpose and timing before commencing with the session.
5. Topics must be "crisp", "short" and "specific". Don't throw closed question
6. Be sensitive to guests need. Get them to speak if possible but check with them first.

The other role players for the meeting were: SAA: the backroom lady Sherine, the Evaluators for the speeches were: Guest Daniel Teh, Guest Charlie Foong, GrandMa, is Leong Kok Wah, Rolex Watch, Ho Fook Chuan, Ahcountant Monsieur and our General Evaluator was imported from Extol DTM Patricia Tan. The closing Ode was done by me.

Awards for the night went to:

Best Table Topics Speaker: Daniel Teh
Best Role Player: Leong Kok Wah as Grammarian who also gave away some prizes to Daniel Teh, Dr Gan and DTM Mohamad
Most Friendly Person : Adam Fung