Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Something from VPE LKW

My Dear Fellow Members,

The podium finish of the F1 race,
The Oscars at the Academy Awards,
Centre Court at the Lawns of Wimbledon.

What do the above 3 events have in common ???

" Winners Never Quit and
Winners always drink Champagne "

Ok maybe we had the "halal" version of the champagne,
but only winners celebrate with champagne, whatever
version you may choose to have.

Yes, we have just completed another eventful year here
at the MII Toastmasters Club.
Yes, it was a year of twists and turns but once we
turned the corner , it was a race to the finish line.
Cross the line we did and we crossed it in style.

And what a glorious year it was..................
Our "rebranding " exercise was completed.
We secured 2 speechcrafts, with more on the way.
President Sherine found the one true love of her life.
And along the way, came a lovely surprise by the name
of " The Presidents Distinguished Club Award ".

The lessons of the past year here at MII-TMC has
reaffirmed my lifelong belief in the motto :-
" Winners Never Quit & Quitters never win ".

Winners are always ready to succeed in whatever
they have set out to do.
Winners are always ready to reach out to their dreams
with conviction and commitment.
Winners do not merely start the race, winners always
finish the race.

Our success here at MII-TMC is proof that the key to
success is to keep moving, learning & training and
eventually, we will be able to improve and speak better
& longer the next time.
To all our new members - Khung, Jimmy, Mano, Chin,
Zarini, Kasturi, Manian, Patrick, Caren, Rosli & Willy,
this is the MII Toastmasters Club promise to all of you.
It is one small step leading into the entrance of the MII
building but one giant step for all of you.

To my fellow EXCO members, President Sherine, Levine,
DTM En.Mohamad Abdullah, FC Ho, Joyce, Monsieur,
we did it because we believe we could reach the stars.

To my Past Presidents & fellow members, your
unwavering support throughout the year was the key
to unlocking the Treasure Chest of knowledge.

This will be my last report as the VPE and before I sign
off for the final time, I want all of you to know that the
winners of tomorrow were born here today at MII-TMC.

Ribuan terimaksih for a truly memorable and fabulous
year here at the MII Toastmasters Club.
Till we meet again on the 8th July.

I remain,

Yours truly,

vpe - kok wah

Monday, June 23, 2008

Night of Leong Kok Wah

Ok guys pictures speaks a thousand words and thanks to our DVG Azmi Sharin DTM who supplied the photos I am able to exhibit some.

Will revert with some stories later.