Monday, January 04, 2010

Meeting on 28 December 2009

It was our Anniversary, in fact our 18th birthday and it was celebrated in a subdued way although happily.

Here we see some Past Presidents and the Exco cutting the cake.

Our ever hardworking Stanley Ho working on the Listening Skill test for our members.

Our young man Mr Khung trying to gestulate (hope it is the right spelling) to express himself.

Some of the guests attending the Anniversary Meeting.

Well I hope pictures speaks a thousand words as words I do not have and time I could not afford.

Briefly we had a brief meeting with Madama President giving us a very long speech, thanking us all and Mohamad going down Masdiana memory lane. With questions from the floor it looks more interesting.

Dinner was exceptionally great and we continued our meeting at the 4th floor with games conducted by our able and willing Stanley Ho. Oh yes the best Table topics went to Monsieur Tilaka.

Everybody went home with a gift extra as Willy as usual very generous gave us an extra load to carry. Thanks Willy for being thoughtful.