Monday, March 05, 2007

Meeting on 27 Feb 2007 - Gong Xi Fa Cai

Another great meeting was conducted with Leong Kok Wah as our TME. The meeting started with the President Jeffrey Lee presiding at 7.05pm. Everyone was asked to introduce themselves and also to give a brief story of how they spend their CNY holidays. He later introduce our TME Leong who conducted it promptly.

The TTM was Levine Lee doing her maiden attempt at the Role. She was well prepared with questions in a Red Packet for all. The TTE was Masdiana Ooi and as ususal she gave some good commendations and recommendations to the respective speakers. She also recommended to the TTE to shorten her Table Topics so that the speakers could understand and handle.

The Assignment Speakers were Mohamad Abdullah C&L #6 with a title "Focus on F.O.C.U.S.". This speech was in preparation for the forthcoming Area Contest where he will be representing the club and members were asked to give him their Evaluation personally. Next was Monsieur Tilaka who attempted C&L #10 with the title "Get Yourself Insured". His advise to us all was prepare ourself before it is too late. There are 36 critical illnesses that insurers have identified that can be insured at a reasonable premium.

The next assignment speaker was Kishna Fitra and she spoke on "One Nation one Team" to get her CC award. She introduced the term HRC which stands for Harmony, Relationship and Cooperation to unite the people of Malaysia. Following her speech was our President of the Foo Chow Association who gave his speech to his members. this was done by PP Phillip Wong under the Advanced Manual.

Present for the meeting were: ASAA Sherine, President Jeffrey, TME Leong, TTM Levine, TTE Masdiana, HM Tilman, Evaluators Betty, Richard & Adam, Grammarian Raja, 1st time Timer Dr Gan, Aah Reporter yip Sau, GE Lay Kun.

The General Evaluator was imported from DUtama TM Club President Lim Lay Kun CTM, CL. She was very kind with her words and had full of praises for the club. She was happy with the warmth of members, the room decorations and the display of our Banner and the ribbons. She commended that we used the theme of the meeting well as many of our members came in RED, Oranges for each of them and even the Agenda and the Ballot papers were in red. Leong even had our Club's name made out of the Ang Pows sticking on the whyte board.

One of her best remarks was that ALL our members named in the Program Sheet came to handle the Role which I too am proud. Syabas MII TMC Members!

Hall of Fame for the Evening:
> Best Table Topics Speaker: Adam Fung, CTM
> Best Project Speaker: Mohamad Abdullah, DTM
> Best Evaluator: Adam Fung, CTM
> Best Role Player: Leong Kok Wah
> Most Friendly Person: Adam Fung, CTM
> Special for the Night is Best Dress Award goes to PP Phillip Wong, CTM

The Meeting was a success and recognition was given to Leong Kok Wah for his efforts in putting everything together. Salute to Leong for his untiring efforts to ensure that every detail is covered.