Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Humourous Speech and Evaluation Contests

It is a Toastmasters Club activity that each year we organise the above Contests to select one or two to represent our club at Area Level. This year, I am proud to say that we have a total of 7 members contesting for the two Contests. They are:

Humour Speech
1. Ho Fook Chuan
2. Leong Kok Wah
3. Dr Gan Eng Meng
4. Adam Fung

1. Leong Kok Wah
2. Anna Hue
3. Monsiuer Tilaka
4. Adam Fung
5. Jeffrey Lee
6. Phillip wong
7. Dr Gan Eng Meng

We had three Guests brought in by Betty, one each from Adam, Ho, Jeffrey. It was a little internatioal with two Australians and one from Korea. Visiting Toastmasters who came and supported us were:

1. Lim Heng Chong our Area Governor cum Chief Judge
2. Dr Sharon Tong
3. Mr & Mrs Koh Teck Lee
4. Chow Mun Yean (our Timer)
5. A gentleman from UK Toastmaster. (will get his name soon)
6. James Arokiasamy
7. Ahmad Zakie - Test Speaker

Members who attended besides those Contestants were:

1. Mike Teng - Contest Chair for Humour Speech
2. Masdiana Ooi - Contest Chair for Evaluation
3. Betty Toh - SAA, Ballot Counter and bringing the most Guests
4. Levine Lee - SAA (she came though just for while to fly to China)
5. Mohamad Abdullah - the OC

Hope I have not missed out any names, if not please give me a call.

Who wins? I guess everybody. The spirit of participation was there and I was surprised at some of the speakers with their brand of humour - something we do not see at regular meetings. Jeffrey was the target of most speakers with his impending wedding.

For the evaluation, we had a record number of contestants. Magnificent Seven took part and they all find it difficult to evaluate an experienced and romantic speaker like Ahmad Zakie. Luckily I was not there as I too would be stumped by his delivery and carried away with his vocubalary. Certainly he brought in sweet memories for all of us; yes our memories of our 1st Love.

To all our Guests, I like to say Welcome, do come back. Remind your host to bring you back on 28 August 2007. To our visiting Toastmasters who came to help us, 1M Thank you. You too are always welcome to our club. To all of you on behalf of the club I must apologise for the shortage of food - we did not anticipate the number. Good problems but I am sure the guests had enough as our members sacrificed their share.

Oh, yes I forgot to announce the winners - guess who? Patient lah I am trying to figure it out and even had to call the Contest Chair Masdiana to confirm it and they are.....drum roll please;;;;;;;;

Humour Speech - Champion is Leong Kok Wah (you do not want to know his speech title)
- The runner up is his Introducer, Driver and Matchmaker Adam Fung

Evaluation - Champion goes to veteran Anna Hue with her Mama style
- 1st Runner up is Adam Fung
- 2nd Runner up is Jeffrey Lee

Hope I have listed it correctly but if not please don't sue me.