Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Congratulations Dr Gan Eng Meng, AMN

Just to share with you guys that our Dr Gan Eng Meng has recently been conferred the Award Ahli Mangku Negara (A.M.N.) (Member of the Order of the Defender of the Realm) by the YMM the Yang diPertuan Agong.

The Ahli Mangku Negara is a fifth rank award of the Darjah Yang Mulia Pangkuan Negara. It is conferred for extraordinary and meritorious service. The Ahli Mangku Negara is also conferred on those who have carried out their duties beyond the normal limits. Under certain circumstances, the award can be conferred on civil servants who belong to the Administrative and Professional Group and those in Grade 2 and 3. In an extraordinary situation, support officers can also be considered. There is no limit to the number to be awarded this honour.

The design the badge is the same as that of the Darjah Kesatria Mangku Negara but the kris lies in the centre. The badge has a radius of 1¾ inches. It is pinned to the chest. It suspends from a riband which is of the same colour as that of the Kesatria Mangku Negara. For women, the riband is tied in a bow and the badge suspends from below the centre of the bow. The Ahli Mangku Negara was instituted on 6August 1958 and gazetted on 25 August 1958.

(This has been extracted from the research done by our Mr Resourceful from MSIG Manogaran Sinnathamby.)

Let us all jointly congratulate Dr GEM (Gan Eng Meng) for her recent Award by posting your comments in the Blog.

Meeting on 14 July 2009

IPP Long Kok Waaaah making a statement

Masdiana receiving her Certificate from President Levine for Best Table Topics Speaker

Dr Gan Eng Meng, AMN smiling so sweetly at someone

VPE Rozina Harun receiving her Certificate from the President for Most Friendly Person of the night

This is the inaugural meeting under the new term and a new President, Levine Lee; and the attendance was encouraging. We had two guests from AIG, another guest who was busy clicking away on his camera throughout the night, yet another who was brave enough to come out and handle the table topic, also one that came late but he made it, and one from CIMB who came and sign on as a member straightaway.

Mohamad receiving his Best Assignment Speaker from President Levine Lee

IPP is a firm believer of Fung Shuei and he had planned all these by getting us room #2.01 where he saw many members fall in love with MII Toastmasters Club and without hesitation had joined in.

To those who had joined in we wish to welcome you and to those who are still thinking about it, stop thinking about it but just join us; it will be a decision that you will never regret – believe it from someone who has been in Toastmasters for over 30 years.

The meeting went as planned, just like before and the President gave us her maiden speech, a little nervous though. Everything went well and the TME for the night was our newly promoted Dr Gan Eng Meng. Want to know more about her, well you have to ask her personally, come for the next meeting. All I can say is that she is now heading one of the major public hospitals in KL.

The Invocation was presented by a ‘new’ member joined on 1 July 2009, a young, vibrant and energetic member Wei Lynn and she just tell us to move on – just like a train.

The Table Topics Master also her maiden role is Rozina Harun. She did it differently. She asked the first speaker to speak on a subject and the following speaker to speak on the last word uttered by the earlier speaker. Adam came up first and followed by Wei Lynn, Masdiana, Seow (a guest), and two others.
The Evaluation was done by yet another virgin role player Manian. Considering it was his first time I must admit he must have been paying a lot of attention before to know the way to handle the Table Topics Evaluator role.

The Humour Master for the evening is our Joker S Ho L E @ F C Ho. Well in the old days such humour would be frowned upon but at the meeting everyone seemed to enjoy the joke about this guy with the two S Holes.

Dinner was as usual, good and we have to thank Mr Khung again for his long bananas and of course Willy for his Holly Water. MII TM Club members and guests are really blessed lots; we have people who took the trouble to bring these stuff every time they are there – to me it is not easy to go and buy the bananas and to bring the heavy water up to the 2nd floor and then to the 4th floor. Thank you, Khung & Willy for your contribution.

The prepared speech were presented by PP Thilo on the Advanced Manual regarding presenting an award he gave to IPP Leong and the next one was our Ice Breaker Jerene who bare herself to tell us who she was and is. Finally, Mohamad gave his Advanced Speech #5 from the Persuasive Speaking and told us about being united.
The Evaluators were PP Anna, PP Masdiana and FP Adam respectively. Each of them gave positive feedback and the best Evaluator for the evening went to PP Masdiana. (Oh yes FP stands for Future President).

Our GE Leong wrap up the session and called on the Evaluators named above, the Grammarian Willy (who won the best role player), Ah Countant Khung and Timer Wong.
The closing Ode was done by Leong who also took the opportunity to award his outgoing Exco who were not present during the Installation.

If you see the picture please don't pass judgement on why some are big and some are small - I just downloaded it the same way but don't know how it appears this way.