Monday, August 17, 2009


Warm greetings to all,

As it turned out, “2 ice breakers and 2 jokers” was a very appropriate theme for the evening. We had two ladies giving their maiden speeches and two humorous gentlemen giving their respective project speeches.

The Club was graced with the presence of Bryan Soo, from MIM TMC. He was the General Evaluator for the evening. His evaluation was full of praise and he was impressed with the record of the Club’s achievements displayed on the meeting room wall. He felt right at home with the members. It was indeed a delightful experience for both Bryan and the Club!

Our Madam President Levine invited Grace Tan from Friendship TMC to be in charge of the Table Topics session. Grace came up with an innovative method of getting members to express their thoughts during her session.

Anna eagerly volunteered to be the first table topics speaker. She was very eloquent when asked to elaborate further the opening sentence “I am sexy……

Leong was given the task in convincing the other passengers on board a plane that is about to crash, as to why he should be given the last parachute. His reasoning was that he was once the most powerful President of MII TMC!

Wong was cornered to speak and was asked to choose from 3 creatures (panda, piranha and hyena), which one he thought would be appropriate to rule the world. He chose the panda, naturally.

T. Raja was given a very comical hypothetical question: What if he were to become invisible, where would he go? His response was amusing when he said he would snoop around the government offices and eavesdrop on officers who were involved in awarding Tenders.

Raj, a guest of T. Raja was a good sport when he was thrown a question as to choose an animal tattoo which signifies his love for his girlfriend. His tongue in cheek response was he would choose a rabbit and since he has dark complexion, the tattoo would have to be white, or luminous.

Our new member, Tashvinderjit did a commendable job in the role of Sergeant at Arms, the first role assigned to every new member.

During dinner we celebrated Lim Ah Wai and Manian Birthday and everyone sang them the Birthday song. You must be there to see the smile of happiness on their faces.

The Project Speakers for this meeting were:

1. Chung Yoke Wai - “Looking Back”. Fondly known as Yuki, she gave a brief
recollection of her childhood and an account of her career progression to date.

2. Rozina Harun - “The “S”s in me” – in an unconventional way, approached a senior member to give her perception of the speaker, before she proceeded to describe her own personality.

3. T. Rajasingam - “4 bottles of life”. Raja, the king of all kings,
enthusiastically shared his thoughts on the cycle of life that most people go through.

4. Mano – “An Overdose”. Mano narrated a true story about an overdose of motivation that had left a friend stuck in a rut instead of achieving his goals.

The meeting ended on time- (the Immediate Past-President made a remark that during his presidency, the meetings always exceeded the allocated time, while during the Madam President’s term-of-office, meetings end on time and attendances are always high!).

And as we all know, it is not just the time-keeping that counts, but it’s how the members learn and enjoy the experience of the MII TMC!

Reported by: VPE Rozina Harun