Monday, July 28, 2008

MII Installation Dinner Photographs

Past Division W Governor making his presence Our Past VPPR Master Piece - the sign at the door.

Rear Picture of our guest from Australia
Another rear shot by our cameraman.
Good piece of photography.
Our (Immediate Past) District Governor K K Chee chatting with his TLI Chief Ramdas Nayar with Mohamad busy interrupting them.

Meeting 22 July 2008

I can now proudly said that I have completed 100 posting in this blog and I am now starting with the 101. Looks like I will pursue until someone will be kind enough to take over from me to post this blog.

Our President starts the meeting with a touch of humour and quickly pass the control to the Toastmaster of the Evening PP Mike Teng.

As usual Mike Teng lots of pain in explaining about Toastmasters and took lots of time too but his humourous way of presenting it made it fun for most.

The Invocation was done my first timer Mano and he did research well to quote us from Mother Teresa. This reflect on his nature of being a person who is caring and concerned for the less fortunate.

Our Dr Gem took over the Table Topics Session and gave various topics. Zarini who volunteered was asked to comment on Environment, Philip on how to break an ice. Willy our new member was great with the subject of "Your Idol". Our veteran Masdiana Ooi could not sit too long and volunteered. She was given the topic Ladies should wear make up. The last speaker was Patrick our new member from MSIG who spoke on Old Habits die hard.

Levine was the TT Evaluator and as usual gave us some good and some not so good things about the presentation and how to improve it.

The highlight of the evening was actually for Willy and Rosli. Both of them were inducted by our President Leong and Levine and Mike Teng their respective sponsors were made to be their respective mentors.

We had dinner as usual but the surprise was we got some bananas - kind contribution of Khung. Keep it coming Khung. Durian for our next meeting?

After the dinner we were back at it again and since all the four speakers are from the first Manual Anna read the objectives for all to know.

Rosli was called first to speak and all of us got to know him a little more. He speaks Japanese and still a bachelor at 41. Such a nice man and I just wonder why the ladies are shying from him. Maybe his destiny is in MII????

Chin was the second speaker and he is very focused. He wants a title before his name so he worked hard but got it at the end. We told him that when he finished his 10 Assignment, we will give him the title CC in from of his name.

The third speaker is Zarini, who loves to sing like her mother. She spoke about herself and we all get a glimpse of her. Well you know what she even brought her husband to support her first speech.

Willy our last speaker said, "It is not how much you learn but how much you use it." He quoted his grandfather very fondly.

Evaluators were Mohamad, Sherine, Philip and Anna in that order of speaking. The Gramarian is Mano and doing it for the first time he really learn fast. Khung was our Ah Counter and he really a firm and no nonsense man. Ho our Time Keeper was very strict and even hit the bell twice for our GE Masdiana.

The Awards for the night went to: Will Tan for Best Table Topics Speaker and Best Assignment Speaker. Anna Hue go the best evaluator vote, Mike Teng got the Most Friendly Person whilst Masdiana won the Best Role Player vote.

Oh yes, I forgot we got two guests, Zarini's husband and Patrick's colleague. Beside those I named earlier, we have a few other members - one of the best attendance. Keep it up guys.