Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Unusual Evaluation!

At our meeting yesterday evening Tuesday, 11 August, after a nice hearty dinner and dessert (our usual monthly birthday cake), I sat back in a relaxed manner looking forward to listen to the speeches from the assignment speakers. I was suddenly jolted when our 3rd assignment speaker, Rozi, called out my name and said to everyone “Anna will be my evaluator this evening and I want her to evaluate me before I make my speech”
My goodness….when on earth can Toastmasters do evaluations BEFORE the speech?!
I was flabbergasted. I was amused. I was challenged. I waited for her further instructions.
Then Rozi said “Please give us a quick evaluation on what you think of me?”
“Boy-oh-boy”, I thought, “how shall I do this??” In that split second, I think this is what I said (I cannot remember all the exact words but the gist of it goes something like this –
“In my 12 years as a Toastmaster, this is the first time I am asked to do an evaluation BEFORE a speech. Well, fellow Toastmasters and friends---what can I say about Rozi? In the brief time I have known her, communicate and interact with her, I find that this is one special charming lady, always smiling. She is hospitable, helpful and warm to those around her and is someone that is easy to get along with. However, mind you, this is no ordinary lady – I believe she plays golf in the morning, bowl s in the day, shops in the Pavilion in the afternoon and have tea in the Shangri-La in the evening. Such is her life. She dresses well, has a delightful personality and I am glad to know her”
Prepared by: Anna Hue (12 August 2009)