Friday, March 30, 2007

Report on the Passionate Meeting 27 Mar 2007

I hope those present at the meeting would agree with me that we managed to have another great meeting on 27 Mar 2007. 17 regular members and 7 guests (including one potential member) attended the meeting and went home happy.

President Jeffrey was there to start the meeting with a round of introduction and the TME was another J; Joyce Chung. She prepared herself well and made sure that she got all the sequences perfect. I commend her for her dedication to duties. The word of the day was, "EXUBERENT".

For invocation we got a visiting TM Hanson Lye and he told us about another angle of the "Hare and Tortoise" fable. He said "don't compete with someone who is of no match to you."

Next came the Table Topic Session conducted by the ever popular AG Mike Teng and he focused on "Passion". He gave us challenging topics on the subject and surprisingly even our guest Siew Foong could respond well. Table topics speakers were Tillman, Masdiana, Hanson, Jeffrey, Siew Foong, Roger McGowan and Sam Wei Yeow. The audience gave the Award for the Best TTS to Roger McGowan. The Evaluator for this meeting was our ever hardworking SAA Leong Kok Wah.

The Humour Master for the evening was our new cub at the block another Leong. With his powerful voice he told us of South Africa joke and end up with the members guesssing what happened.

Dinner was as usual, though our guests felt it was great. I guess the members took it for granted. Even those who goes to KLGCC for their meeting don't get our kind of food huh?

There were four Assignment speakers with Levine Lee taking the lead speaking to us about "Plastic Surgery is Increasing". She said, "Even men are now concerned about their looks and goes for plastic surgery." TheN Mohamad tells us to saves lives by giving some statistics as to how many lives were lost. He suggested, "If there is no enforcement, let's scrap the law." Third speaker was J OO1, James Bond sister, Janice Ooi and he report on the High Performance Project. To end the sussion, DTM Tang Sum Chee gave us a briefing on "A Guide to the new Competent Leader".

The Evaluation session was led by the GE imported from Maisa, another J, Jessica Liew. The Evaluators for the Assignment Speakers were Sam Wei Yeow (Visiting TM) evaluating Levine and our PP Anna Hue for Mohamad. DTM Tang gave his evaluation of J 001 privately as it may be 'explosive'. The Grammarian was Roger McGowan, the Aah Counter went to Tillman and the Timer or the Rolex man Rich ard Tan. All of them gave their best and the crowd voted for Roger McGowan to be the Best Role Player for the evening.

Evaluation of the GE were very encouraging. She seemed surprise that our TTE is able to deliver the Evaluation immediately after the TTS. Food and room arrangements with the clock, whyte board, "Word of the Day", Guests names, Next Meeting Role display she gave us a good rating. She was even happy to copy our special awards, Best Role Player and also the Most Friendly Person. One of the positive comments she made was MII starts on time and ends on time. Keep it up MII TMC!

The other Award winners were Best Assignment Speaker to Mohamad, Most Friendly person goes to the ever smiling AG Mike Teng and the Best Evaluator Award was not given as there were only two Evaluators.

This meeting it was a special meeting as we introduce the "Closing Ode" done by Masdiana. She got the guests to share their views and also gave Siew Foong some assurances after our DTM Tang scares them about the heavy list of Assignments to be done. At the same time she also took the opportunity to remind the members that they ought to understand their own objectives of joining the organisation. "Just pursue what you want from TM" she said.

Our guest Rohijas from Pidato Perdana also made some commercial about his club and spoke in English as well as in Malay to get members to join them at at the same time help him conduct a survey.

The meeting ended well with every one had their share of speaking except our VPE She rine, Ho, Betty and Monsieur.

Look forward to the next meeting on 10 April 2007 where our GE will be DTM Patricia Tan from Extol TMC.