Thursday, December 03, 2009

Meeting on 24 Nov 2009

I just could not recall much of the meeting on this day perhaps someone who attends will do some justice by adding more info for all to read.

I know Tash could not attend and his speaking slot was given to Mohamad Abdullah. Mohamad's GE role was given to the Area Governor Hazrin. The other speakers were Rozina (the best speaker for the night) and Yuki. Mohamad's Evaluator was Philip and Yuki's Evaluator was Thilo and Rozina's Evaluator was Masdiana (the best Evaluator for the night). Notice how the audience vote?

Table Topics session was great with Willy running it with very profound subject and the winner goes to Anna Hue.

The GE did a good job and got the Best Role Player award and the most friendly person went to Rozi I think. Sorry can't remember.

One thing I can remember is that Mohamad was called to give the closing Ode and he surprised everyone by showing his appreciation to everyone who has helped him during his recent "Idiotic behaviour" like leaving his passport in Subang, his car in Kluang, his luggage in Pulau Sibu and he in Tg Leman. He thanks Willy, Leong and many others for their resourcefulness.