Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meeting Report #1 Yr 07/08 - 10 July 2007

I am happy to report that the meeting yesterday went better than I expected. We had 1 guest (Danny) 1 visiting member (Past DVG Lee Swee Seng) and 11 members present and the meeting went well and I thank all present for making it an evening well spent.

Top the list was our Brand New President Sherine Lim with her first Presidential Address that surprised even me. Never in my 27 years in Toasmasters have I heard a President that addressed the meeting with so much commitment and enthusiasm. On top of it all I was also pleasantly surprised with her speech that touches on the theme of the meeting "ALTRUISM". I really salute her for her research on this word. It brought a new meaning to this word - passion to see the club succeed. I should not also forget to mention that President Sherine was fair in complimenting FC Ho our VPPR for his master piece, the Voting Slips, the only one in the world, with water mark and perforation, very user friendly. It is copy righted by MII and we can supply you at a price to be agreed.

Yours truly is the TME and so, you will not expect me to write anything bad about myself so I shall not say anything at all except that I want to thank the VPE Leong for inviting him to be one.

Another surprise which attracted the GE Lee Swee Seng was our Invocation Presenter Masdiana Ooi. She took pain to research on the theme and ensure that the Incovation was just perfect. Hope future IP can emulate her example but if not able to, just ask her to help.

Next came PAG Mike Teng conducting the Table Topis session. He too did his home work and work along the theme. Most surprisingly was he kept to his time and got lots of participants. Great work MT. His team member is the Foo Chow President from France Monsiuer Tilaka. He almost instantly came up after Mike Session to give his Evaluation with accuracy and clarity.

Humour came from our Foo Chow President from Germany S Tilman. He left us with the women of the 21 century. As usual after Humour Session we break for Dinner which was fantastic - much to the satisfaction of everyone even the most critical one.

Two Knights in shining armour came to deliver their speeches but our Raja T just could not be present due to some urgent business. We miss you Raja. Don't worry, we understand.

First to speak was Leong on the 3 Wise Toastmasters. Never knew that he really did lots of homework and memory work to come out with such an inspiring speech. He can recall what a member spoke a year ago and relate it to us. He gave a tribute to our Imm Past VPE Sherine for keeping the fort firm last year and our PAG Mike Teng our PP for his leadership and guidance. Syabas you guys.

The second speaker is a candid person so humourous and made us learn the simple thing about making conversation with strangers. Adam prefers the same kind, especially those from Korea. He told us that he took his official Airline, Air Asia and go for 1st class by paying a little more but given a lead time to find his seat before 150 others chase him. You should be there to enjoy his brand of humour.

The meeting was then handed to the General Evaluator our Past DVG. He is a great guy, good voice, very careful with his words (well he is a lawyer), good observation and had all praises for the club. He kept repeating that he likes our two additional awards, the Best Role Player and Most Friendly Person. Well too much of good things may make our head swell and so I limit it ok?

The Evaluator for Leong Speech was PP Masdiana and Adam was Tilman, whilst IPP Jeffrey handles the Grammarian role with lots of members using the words Altruism, Altruistic. FC Ho handles the Aah Countant and Mike our time machine whilst Jeffrey double up as the PP who handles the Closing Ode.

The Winners for the evening went to 5 Super Achievers;
.Best Table Topics Speaker - Past DVG Lee Swee Seng ATMS, CL
.Best Assignment Speaker - Leong Kok Wah, our new CC
.Best Speech Evaluator - Tilman Shroedder, CTM
.Best Role Player - PAG Mike Teng, ATMS, CL
.Most Friendly Person - President Sherine Lim, CTM

Those Present were:

Danny (Guest of HO), Past DVG Lee Swee Seng (club guest), Betty, Leong, Sherine, Masdiana, Mike, Monsieur, Tilman, Adam, Ho, Jeffrey and Mohamad (members).

Sorry guys, I was so fascinated by the presentation of the various members that I forgot that I have charged my battery to snap pictures of the meeting for this report. I took a few but somehow deleted all my other shorts only one left. Sorry folks only one photo of President and Mike Teng. The rest cheer up and see your photos later.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Meeting Report For 24th April 2007

Our club has been moving forward at an encouraging pace and it is time that we " Look Back " and reflect on our progress before we make the next push forward.

Therefore, " Looking Back " was the theme of the evening chosen by one of the founder's of our illustrious club - Masdiana Ooi Abdullah, CTM, CL.

President Jeffrey Lee, CTM started the meeting with a call for members to express what are some of the things that members wanted to change about their past.

TME Masdiana Ooi Abdullah, CTM, CL proceeded with the meeting by urging members to sit and think about our past and ponder what are the improvements that we can do to further improve our club and ourselves.

Dr Gan Eng Meng, TM gave a detailed motivational invocation session on what we must do to advance ourselves with whatever remaining time we have left.

The Table Topics Session was conducted by Ho Fook Chuan, TM who also donated a set of very well designed Table Topics cue cards for our club and this was followed by Monsieur Tilaka, CC who during the Table Topics Evaluation session touched on each
members speech characteristics. Jeffrey Lee, Mr. Muaz, Dr Gan Eng Meng, Adam Fung, Tilman Schroeder and Sium Keow were the Table Topics Session participants.

Rajasingam, TM gave us his personal body language interpretation of kungfu master Jacky Chan during his Humor session and most members felt he did a great job at all the kung-fu movements.

The Assignment speakers for the evening were :-

1) Mohamad Abdullah, DTM who touched on his opinion of the state of our country
right now.

2) Sam Wei Yeow, CTM , CL , from MIM-TMC was the guest speaker in our club and his
speech project required him to present a confrontational speech which he duly
delivered and received a fiery Q & A session from all members.

3) This was followed by our Area Governor, Mike Teng, ATM-S, CL who enlightened us
with his side of the interviewer/interviewee equation.

We were glad to be able to invite the incoming Area Governor for Area W3 – Mr Lim Hin Chong, ATM-S of Spaekers Dream TMC to be our General Evaluator for the evening and he was assisted by the following role players :-

a) Grammarian - Levine Lee, TM
b) Timer - Betty Toh, CTM , CL
c) Ah Counter - Sherine Lim, CTM

The awards for the evening goes to :-

a) Best Table Topics Speaker – Muaz ( Guest )
b) Best Assignment Speaker - Mike Teng, ATM-S, CL
c) Most Friendly Person - Mike Teng, ATM-S, CL
d) Best Evaluator - Anna Hue , ATM-S, CL
e) Best Role Player - Masdiana Ooi Abdullah, CTM, CL

The meeting ended on a high note with the incoming Area W3 Governor – Mr Lim Hin Chong, ATM-S, sharing with us some of the incoming developments in Area W3.

And this evening, we have three guests who were Ms Karen & Mr Muaz, invited by Monsieur Tilaka, CC and Ms Sium Keow, guest of Mas Diana Ooi Abdullah, CTM, CL.

Meeting Report - 22nd May 2007

The theme for the meeting was " UNITED ".
President Jeffrey Lee, CTM started the meeting by requesting all those present at the meeting to introduce themselves and also to urge all present to invoke the spirit of unity in MII-TMC.

The TME for the evening was Levine Lee, TM and although this was the first time she was the TME, Levine Lee, TM conducted the meeting like a seasoned Toastmaster which just goes to prove that practice makes perfect.

The Invocation presenter was Leong Kok Wah, TM who shared with us his very inspirational feelings of his first "anniversary" in this club. For members information, Adam Fung, CTM, CL brought Leong Kok Wah, TM to this club as a guest for the first time on 23/5/2006.

The Table-Topics Master was Dr Gan Eng Meng, TM who was also conducting this Table Topics Session for the first time and she conducted the session smoothly. The members who supported the Table Topics Session were : -

1. Jeffrey Lee, CTM
2. Masdiana Ooi Abdullah, CTM , CL
3. Danniel Lim, CC
4. Philip Wong, CTM, CL
5. Mike Teng, ATM-S, CL

Monsieur Tilaka, CC followed up with a brief Evaluation of the Table Topics speakers.

PP Philip Wong, CTM, CL followed up by tickling all of us during the Humor session especially his joke about the ex-hearse driver.

The assignment speakers for the evening were :-

1) Jeffrey Lee, CTM who opened his speech with humor and then proceeded to give us
his views on why relationships are important in our daily lives.

2) PP and Area Governor Mike Teng, ATM-S, CL followed up with his very challenging
speech of the other side of " midnight ". He was preparing himself for life
after Area Governor by "moonlighting" as a Male Escort and why society should
portray them in a better light.

3) The G.E. Danniel Lim, CC also came up with a witty speech on why we all need a
shoulder to cry on.

The General Evaluator for the evening was Danniel Lim, CC from Money & You Toastmasters Club and the other role players for the evening were as follows :-

a) Evaluator No:1 - Janice Ooi CTM, CL
b) Evaluator No:2 - Masdiana Ooi Abdullah, CTM, CL
c) Evaluator No:3 - Larry Toh, CTM, CL
d) Grammarian - Monsieur Tilaka, CC
e) Timer - Leong Kok Wah, TM
f) Ah Counter - Sherine Lim, CTM
g) ASAA - Leong Kok Wah, TM

Awards for the evening were :-

1) Best Table Topics Speaker - Mike Teng, ATM-S, CL
2) Best Role Player - Levine Lee, TM
3) Best Assignment Speaker - Mike Teng, ATM-S, CL
4) Best Evaluator - Masdiana Ooi Abdullah, CTM, CL
5) Most Friendly Person - Mike Teng, ATM-S, CL

PP Philip Wong, CTM, CL sponsored 5 gifts from Spain & Portugal for the above 5 awards winners and he closed the meeting on a high by highlighting the 5 critical success factors which we should all observe in life :-

1) To be kind to people
2) To be honest with ourselves
3) Do not live beyond our means
4) Have faith in ourselves
5) Always remember that learning is a continuous process.

Thank you.