Tuesday, August 03, 2010

MII Toastmasters Humorous and Evaluation Contests 2010

Howdy-ho Guys!

Great to be read again =) On the 27th of July 2010, we the MII Toastmasters Club held our Humorous and Evaluation Contest. The Humorous contest is where the funniest of Toastmasters compete in a Humor Battle to be the best & win the crowd's reaction... to laugh. The Evaluation Contest instead focused more on listening and deduction skills on evaluating a test speaker invited as an example.

There were four contestants for the Humor Contest
1) Mr. Leong Kok Wah who spoke with humor on corruption.
2) Mr. Justin Ong who spoke on living on overseas and not coming back.
3) Mr. S. Mano who joked about an experience with a headstrong subordinate of his, and
4) Mr. Mohamad Abdullah who's play of words lingered between lead the sheep, leadership and lick the...

After dinner, the Evaluation Contest commenced.

The contestants were

1) Mr.Leong Kok Wah,
2) Mr. Mohamad Abdullah,
3) Mr. Philip Wong,
4) Mr. Justin Ong,
5) Ms. Anna Hue,
6) Dr Gan,
7) Mr. Wong Chen.

The Contest speaker of the night was Mr. Vincent Chow who gave a speech with the title, 'If I were a Girl'. Most likely an adaptation from the original Beyonce Song "If I were a Boy". Vincent gave a remarkable performance of which the 7 contestants each took their turn to evaluate him.

The winners were

Humorous Speech Contest

1) Mr. Leong Kok Wah

2)  Mr. Mohamad Abdullah

3) Mr. S. Mano

Evaluation Contest

1) Mrs. Anna Hue

2) Mr. Mohamad Abdullah

3) Dr. Gan Eng Meng

Congratulations to the winners!! And also A Big Congratulations to all the participants who participated during the contests. It takes great courage to compete let alone speak in front of a large audience. You all did really well!

Also a very special thanks to ALL the Role players who made ALL of this Happen.

Credits to...

Madam President cum Organising Chair: Goh Wei Lyn
Humorous Contest Chair: Miss Jerene Yap
Evaluation Contest Chair: Mr. Wong Hang Hiang

SAA: Mohd Fazlan

ASAA: Ho Fook Chuan

2nd ASAA: Mas Marlena

Time Keeper: Tiffany Ng
Assistant TimeKeeper: Lim Ah Hwai

Ballot Counter 1: Eugene Lau

Ballot Counter 2: Ms. Siow Fei Yau

TestSpeaker: Mr. Winson Chow

Honorable Contest Judges:
1) Chief Judge, ACG Lee Wei Seong
2) Judge CC, Teoh Chun Ming,
3) Judge CC, Marcus Loi
4) Judge ACS ALB, Nancy Liew
5) Judge ACB, Eu Choi San
6) Judge, Ginger

Your services were very much appreciated =D

After the certificate and prize giving session, announcements were made to the floor.
  • Area W4 is having their Humorous and Evaluation Contests on the 21st of August, 1-3pm @ the MIA Resource Center.
  • Ernst & Young Toastmaster's Club is having theirs on the 1st of September 2010. 
  • & The Final announcement was for a call for unused medicines at home. Anyone who has unfinished medicine kept in your closets please donate them to our MII Toastmasters Charity Rep. Masdiana. Your drugs will be tested for usability and dispensed in rural areas where medicine is scarce but required.
And that wraps it up. The next meeting shall be on the 10th of August 2010. Hope to see you there!

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