Friday, May 11, 2007

Future to Future

In the future moments will come when one person says to another, "That was great!"

We never know what the future holds in store for us in it's infinite wisdom - but surely you and I know of it's impending arrival.

Some believe the future holds great times ahead, some believe in a bleak fate and still others believe unborn moments hold a catastrophic end.

Me, like to think that maybe, just maybe, it will all happen at the same instance - I mean some things will be great, some bleak some beginnings and some endings.

"Great" things will only happen in the future, because of now, and that's tough enough to decipher - so I will plead, now, and leave the future to the future.

Stan Pelfrey

Meeting on 8 May 2007

Our meeting has been constantly been at a high gear now that I believe people are taking it for granted that it is should be that way. I like to thank our TME Mike Teng who inspite of his heavy duties got everything done before the meeting. One thing I like about this AG of ours is that he sends SMS just before the meeting to remind us to pack up and prepare our journey for the meeting. I salute you AG Mike Teng.

As usual we started on time and we ended up on time. First timer ASAA Dr Gan starts the meeting and surrendered the rostrum to our President Jeff who starts the session with announcement and introduction. Promptly he passed the control of the meeting to our TME who within time managed to do all he had to do and call on the Invo Presenter Mohamad. A copy of the Invocation will be published for those who are interested in such things.

The theme for the meeting was "Looking Ahead" after we look back at the last meeting; and the word for the day is PONDER. All the role players listed in the program were present but Betty.

PP Masdiana starts the Table topics session based on the theme and easily got 8 speakers participated with the best Speaker Awarded to President Jeff. The Evaluator was another PP Philip Wong a Globe Trotter who finds time to be with us. As usual he and his friendly style gave some suggestions to the participants. Our Humour master was Raja who related his personal humourous encounter and also another dedicated member who always prepare for his session.

The assignment speakers were Leong Kok Wah on "Beware The Interviewer", Dr Gan on "The End is Just the Beginning" and Mohamad on "XpectZero". Briefly, Leong trying to warn the ladies to be careful of the Interviewer, whilst Dr Gan is singing Frank Sinatra song I did it my way based on her impending retirement and of her new venture. Mohamad told us Expect the unexpected and be happy. The Best Speaker award goes to Mohamad.

Our imported GE is from Friendship James Arokiasamy ATMS CL and the speech evaluators were Adam for Leong, PP Thilo for Dr Gan and Pres Jeff for Mohamad. The Best Evaluator goes to Pres Jeff.

The other Awards went to Mike for Most Friendly and Best Role Player. He has been getting too much of this and we should not bore him with more next time. PP Thilo did the Closing Ode and Ho who appeared during the break but disappeared during the meeting was supposed to brief us on the Installation Night.

Issues seriously discussed during the meeting was about our Installation Night. After a few suggestions it was agreed that we will have a unique Installation on 2 and 3 June 2007 to be held at an Organic Farm in Negri 9, sorry I did not get the full name of the place. The program laid out was great and the Committee will look into the program for Children and other non TM who are attending the outing.

I think it is a wonderful idea generated by the Committee and we all should support it. Our contribution as a member is not more than RM150 per pax and a beautiful T Shirt will be given to each member present. Great fun and fellowship will be organised and I am sure looking forward to have a good weekend with our friends from MII and lots of prizes too. For more info call HSL - Ho Sherine Leong.

That is all folks and our next meeting will be on 22 May 2007, same time and place. Get involved it is Simply Amazing.