Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Meeting on 12 May 2009

MII Toastmasters Club extends its warm greetings to all the wonderful people out there. If you are reading this MII blogspot and you are not yet a member of this great Club, let me tell you this - you may be missing out on something special in life!

We welcome guests with open arms to our regular meetings which are held on every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at Level 2, Malaysian Insurance Institute, Jalan Sri Semantan Satu, Dmaansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

Meeting Held On 12th May, 09

The theme for the evening was “Dare to Dream” and the word of the day was “Courage”.

Ho Fook Chuan was the centre of attention this evening as he was the sole designated speaker. His General Evaluator was Thilohthaman (ATMS, CL). Our tall, dark, handsome and bald General Thilo had teasingly advised Ho to have another go at his Project No.9, knowing that that was already his second attempt and to try for the third time would spell bad luck. In spite of that teasing, we have all given Ho our blessing to proceed to his 10th Project.

The most talked-about person whose name I heard so often during my first few weeks at the Club is, of course, our dear Dr. Gan. It was really a great privilege to be able to meet and rub shoulders with her for the first time. Dr. Gan had taken great trouble to be with us this evening and, true to her personality, the unassuming medical doctor exuded warmth and gentleness.

Enough of bodek-king, but according to General Thilo (my nickname for him since he was the General Evaluator), one of the Club’s great strengths was its members, who were a knowledgeable, seasoned and caring lot. Among the other plus points of the club is the current President, who has the great vision, leadership and organizational ability to bring the Club together in good and bad times. The meetings are always well-organised, with ample stationery and both name tags and a printed programme provided for all members. Furthermore, the Club’s banners and emblems decorate the walls at every meeting. In short, the Club takes both pride and pain in the presentation of the meetings which are always conducted with great decorum.

This is my fourth time attending the Club’s meetings and I have already learned the skill of multi-tasking. I was given the role of the timer, where I need to time every activity of the meeting from start to finish. It may sounds easy- peesy but try and man the stop watch, listen to the speakers attentively and jot notes for the blogspot, all at the same time…that is what I call multi-tasking!

Immediately after dinner, the MIITC had its AGM and its new office bearers were elected unanimously as follows:

President - Levine Lee (pronounced as Lovingly)
V. President Education - Jerene Yap
V. President Membership - Dr. Gan
V. President Public Relations - Willy Tan
Treasurer - P. Maniam
Secretary - R Harun
Sergeant At Arms - F.C. Ho
Committee Members - Monsieur Tilaka
- Wong Hang Hiang

3 female names holding the 3 top positions, I reckon the men had vested their power on these women or the women had decided to overpower the male dominance.

Three cheers for the new office bearers- Hip Hip Yahoo!!!

Yours truly the Honorary Secretary 2B