Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Newly Wed

My Dear Fellow MII-TMC Members,

Life trickles down to a few precious moments.
Today is one of those pure moments.
The happy times and the best years of our lives can come
in our carefree childhood, the growing up years in school,
in full romance, followed by marriage and finally parenthood.

Sunday 23 Nov 2008 - TM Ho Fook Chuan will join
the exclusive men's only section of the club where
the married men get together after each meeting
for a few drinks and cry their hearts out for falling into
the oldest scam in the world - Love & Marriage.

With divorce rates climbing all over the world, its
no wonder that marriage has lost its lustre.
But before we lose faith in man's oldest known institution - marriage,
lets sits back and share today's wonderful memories with TM FC Ho.

Tonight, i will share with you the love story of my fellow
Toastmaster and my very good friend - TM Ho Fook Chuan.
Just after the Asian Financial crisis of 97/98 , Ho also
emerged from an equally devastating commitment failure.
He swore to himself that he had given up on the oldest trick in the world - Love,
and proceeded to bury himself 24/7 in his advertising agency.

But then Love works in mysterious ways and as we celebrated the arrival
of the new millennium, bringing with it a new ray of hope, along came a friend
who introduced him to a shy & demure girl called Shy Yen. Boy, was she shy.
( Shy Yen is a junior education facilitator pursuing her MBA )
( FC Ho is a senior Toastmaster still pursuing his CC )
But through the cloak of her shyness, Ho said to himself -
" Ho Fook Chuan, if you had any sense, you will marry this wonderful girl " .
He practically held a shotgun over his head and said " I do " on the
18th Feb 2008 at the Registry of Civil Marriages, KL.
Even as the Registrar pronounced the both of them husband & wife,
Ho wasn't so sure. Make no mistake, Ho was sure about Yen,
but he wasn't so sure about matrimony and he wasn't sure about himself.
You may think that this is not very complimentary to Yen, but the truth is -
we can never be sure that we are sure , we can only be sure that we are Not sure.

There exists a verse in the Holy Bible that says it perfectly,
" There remains then - Faith , Hope & Love.
But the greatest of these is LOVE. "
1 Corinthians 13.

It is indeed one of the most memorable highlights of my Presidency to see my
fellow members Find Love, Discover Love and finally making that Commitment to Love.

Let us all here in MII-TMC propose a Toast to this young couple who truly deserve each other,

To Ho & Yen,
A Toast to a Long & Lasting Love.
May the days ahead be always filled
with Fun, Happiness & Laughter.


leong 23rd November 2008

P.S - for the rest of you, all your club leaves has been cancelled by the president.
therefore, please report for duty this Tuesday 25th Nov @ 6.30pm sharp.

Message from our new Competent Communicator

Dear all,

Thank you for your kind wishes.

To be awarded the competent communicator award is a great way to cap the year. It has been a fruitful year for me in M11, in terms of learning and fellowship. I especially felt the strong teamwork in the speechcraft program that was held in the middle of the year.I was proud to be given the opportunity and to be representing M11, even though I was a novice then.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the 'seniors' for the invaluable feedbacks you have given to me throughout my 'training' in M11. I have 'swallowed' my ego and pride from the beginning, having realised that to learn and improve - the best teachers are my fellow TM at ground level. A special thanks to our infatigable President, who has ensured the smooth running of the club's activites at all times.I think it will be an unanimous vote for you to stay a second term?

Achieving the CC award is not the end of the learning for me. it is the beginning of another milestone . It is a reminder for me to continously put into practice what I have learnt, to keep on improving what needs to be improved, and that I will be a 'model' to those who are still striving to reach that level.

Let's continue to enjoy our journey in learning !

warm regards,
Dr GAn

Meeting 16 Dec 2008

I am back and this is due to two persons who have responded. Thank you for your support and I will continue and hope to get more fans to read it.

Our meeting on Tuesday 16 Dec 2008 was as usual but our TME was William Shakespeare Ho and our GE was Anna. As usual our MPM=Most Powerful Man in MII took the stage and he shamed us all including the Muslim as to how much he is aware of the Qurban Celebration. Well done MPM.

After his Surmon he introduce us the newly wedded Mr WHO, William Ho as the TME. I am happy to note he prepared himself well and did a great job inspite of his shortcomings (puns not intended).

Quickly he introduced the Invocation Presenter our Foo Chow President from France Monsieur Tilaka who gave a rendition of Don't Quit. Though he has to go to the Airport he did sacrifice his time and be with us till the dinner break.

Our Virgin TTM Chin Kong Meng really surprised us with gifts from people he selected to speak on SACRIFICE. Great work and well prepared. People will always need incentives to move. The speakers chosen were: Khung, Dr Gan, Rosli, Mano, Willy and another. The best speaker title for the night goes to the Waterman Willy Tan. The Evaluator Masdiana gave her usual kind of evaluation firm and hard.

Today's unusual program was the Roast of our NMM - newly married man Mr WHO. Questions were posed to him by our Powerful Man, like a table topics session but restricted to be answered by NMM only. Ms Goh our visiting TM from TTDI said that we laugh a lot in this club. Well what do you expect when our powerful man roast a NMM?

Dinner was as usual, a little better food I must say and we missed our Banana as Khung just couldn't get it. Funny, Khung volunteer to bring it and he felt sorry and apologise for not bringing it. I think it is time for other members to contribute something as well and not depend on Mr Khung all the time.

The Prepared Speech Assignments from Mano, Willy and Dr Gan went well and they were evaluated by three Past Presidents Masdiana, Thilo and Mohamad. The best speaker title went to Dr Gan and the best Evaluator title goes to her Evaluator.

Mano spoke about the insurance on Landslip and Landslide and Willy on the same thing but more on his experience in helping the victims. For Dr Gan she gave us a Inspirational speech on giving hope. One of her best speeches and that makes her our new Competent Communicator. A standing ovation was given to Dr Gem.

Our GE Anna takes over and invited Ms Goh the Grammarian, Rosli the Aahcountant and Khung the keeper of time besides the three Speech Evaluators before she starts rendering her evaluation. I like to record that she recommends that the club conduct a Role Play Workshop as we have several new members and they are not quite conversant with their roles. She also recommends that Khung takes up bigger challenge by doing his speeches or bigger role.

Our GE also commended on our President during his Presidential Speech which she said is different from the many clubs she had visited in Malaysia as well as Overseas. For the TME she commends that he did well and recommends that he find out the biodata of the speakers before he calls them up.

The other winners for the night were Best Role Player goes to Anna and Most Friendly Person goes to Chin Kong Meng.

In the Closing Ode, Anna said that she was a member since 1977 and she enjoyed her time in TM and encourages everyone to make TM interesting. She brought in PP Larry her nephew and Dr Gan her school mate and they have done well. She also recommends everyone to visit more clubs and feel the difference.

Total Members present were 13, Visiting TM 1 and Guest 1 ie Chua Koon Tsing Dr Gan's son.

Send me your feedbacks soon.......