Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Meeting on 22 April 2008

Each time I go into this page to write I just wonder who will read it and whether they enjoy reading it or not but as my President Sherine said, it does not matter as the one that reads is just like the star fish that the 'boy' helps to throw back to the sea to survive.

Just happy to tell everyone that our President was back from her honeymoon and looking very radiant and reserved. Glad she came and took part in the table topics though she could not speak for more than 60 seconds.

Our Acting President carry out the meeting just like before and conduct the introduction session seeking their names and places they want to go for honeymoon. You should be there to hear the exotic places those present likes to go and some wants to have another honeymoon with a new partner. Believe it?

The Invocation Presenter was Leong Kok Wah our AP (bukan anak perempuan dan bukan the other AP) and he tells us about someone whom I do not know and the message is "Winners never quit and quiters never wins." Actually we can debate on this but not in here.

Table topics was managed by ever loving 'mother' Anna Hue and she really get us all worked up with the current 'political' affairs. Almost everyone spoke more than 2 minutes and our President has to cut hers by 60 seconds. The speakers were Monsieur, Ranjit Singh (guest from Bungsar TMC), Philip, Mohamad, sherine, Leong, Ho and Adam. And the winner went to our guest Ranjit Singh. MII members are very polite they always vote the guest in.

Humour master for the evening was our lovingly lady Toastmaster Levine Lee. She must have bad men around her that make us really sympathise her. When she was scolded she got angry and the man told her that she is too sensitive so she scold the man and he got angry and the man told that she is aggressive. 'How also u cannot win lah!'

Dinner was as usual plenty of food as there were only 12 members, one VTM and one guest. Our VTM is Ranjit and our guest is Jimmy Hooi a guest of Leong. The members present were, Sherine, Leong, Ho, Levine, Monsieur, Anna, Philip, Dr Gan, Adam, Kasturi, Khung and Mohamad.

There were two Project Speakers. PP Philip Wong gave us a speech on "leverage - A Rich Man's Game" talking about his former boss again on how he make his money. He gave us basically three main points - polish the banker, have good friends and take risk. Whilst Adam became a Coach for the evening, not that Air-Cond Coach but a 'trainer'. He gave us one of the method he would use to coach a person and that person is the Presidential Director. Interesting Project and all members should get a copy of this Project and practice it in their daily life. Evaluator for Philip is Monsiuer and Adam is Mohamad.

Our General Evaluator was Ranjit and he did the routine and at the same time add in his comment when the evaluator did not quite cover. Briefly, his comments are positive. He likes the rythm of the meeting - that was the first time I hear someone describing our meeting and I like it. Next he commented on the need for the TME to explain the various Role eventhough there were no guest. His justification is for the members to be able to stand up and express openly the task they are doing for the night. Well we can debate here. He take pain to touch on our Table Topic Evaluator Dr Gan who was doing it for the first time. He likes her focus on 'connecting with the audience'. Her evaluation was basically centred on this area. As usual, invited GE always find our hospitality warm and he felt welcome though the room temperature was very cold - that is why the men wear jacket. His next point was directed at our Grammarian who was whitewashing he claimed. I quite agree with him and he also gave his view why we should HELP our friends by giving them positive feedback besides the 'bouquet'.

The vote for the Best Table topics speaker and Role Player went to our VTM Ranjit and the most friendly went to the person who came late - Adam Fung.

In conclusion, I like the meeting as I learned from Philip and Adam. At the same time I was focusing on the words used and how those words struck me. Philip said, Good Debt vs Bad Debt and Leverage. Leong on Winners never quit and quiters never wins. Ho when he said to 'kick off' the meeting, I find it strange though it is commonly used. Someone also said, Repeating it again and again - just left me wondering on redundancy. The last one is "Give them a round of applause." What does it really mean?

Whatever it is, see you all again soon.