Thursday, October 23, 2008

Meeting 14 October 2008

Our President first 100 days was on 08X08 and I am sure all the members would agree that he has done so much that very few of us can dare to challenge. The next person in line has to work much harder to be near to what he has done.

Anyway for our meeting he has done the usual fixing up of the roles and you can see that almost everyone of the role player came. Everyone came on time except the couple the so called Founders came late. They claimed that they were illegally detained by UHMC.

Present for the meeting were: Leong, Levine, Mohamad, Monsieur, Larry, Dr Gan, Joyce, Raja, Mano, Adam, Chin, Ho, Thilo, Diana, Mike, Khung, Manian and Guests Lim and Yian. With 17 members we have a 61% attendance score. With 2 non-members we have almost 10% of the those present as guests.

After a long break, Joyce managed to take a break from her high flying activities and oblige with a TME job. Considering her long absence I must say she has done her job well. Raja did his Invocation and Mano conducted the Table Topics with Adam taking the TT Evaluator role. The subject was current and controvertial Thilo, Masdiana, Lim, Yian and Mohamad volunteered. The winner went to Mohamad with his machine gun rattling from opening to the end telling us how to look at our commonalities rather than our differences.

The speakers for the evening were Chin speaking on "My Philosophy in Life", Ho on "Vote for Change", Mohamad on "We must open up" and Thilo on "When the going gets tough the tough gets going". I suppose everyone was emotional that night and the vote goes to Ho as the best speaker after he showed his temper and throwing away temper. I guess everyone was afraid that if he does not win he may throw us out of the window. He was so emotional and passionate about what he spoke and all of us can feel his anger.

The speech evaluators were Levine, Masdiana, Mike and Larry. The winner went to Masdiana who evaluate Ho. Apparently, the speech winner has some bearing on the Evaluator too. Her main advise to Ho is don't litter the place - Bandaraya will take him to court.

Monsieur was our General Evaluator. He admit that he has been GE for other club but this is the first time he was given a chance to do it in our club. Khung our Grammarian did well, Caren was absent and the role goes to someone I forgot to note, and the timer is Manian.

President took over from the GE and wanted to close the meeting until he was reminded to pass to Larry to close the meeting. Larry did well to close the meeting as he prepares a poem for us all to ponder and bring home.

Well, the theme 100 days went well without crisis a negative word chosen for the day.

Another great meeting I must add and I am sorry to all who were absent as I was delinquent in writing this report on time. I must try and do it but sometime I just could not as I have to take care of my injured wife, you know ferry her through KL traffic.