Monday, September 27, 2010

Making MII goreng out of the Division level Championships! =D

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Marlena for standing in for me. Job well done!

Dear Toastmasters...."Domo!" I have returned from the Land of the Rising Sun....only to find....That we are Division G & Area G Champions!! This is amazing!

Kudos to Past President Anna Hue, ACG, CL, ECC (Evaluation Contest Champion) for Bringing us to the District Level! You make us Proud! Below are some of the moments last Saturday during the Division Level Championships where according to PP Leong, our legendary ECC Ann Hue overwhelmed 7 men!  A feat accomplished only by a gifted few.

 Special thanks also to the MII Cheermasters who came and supported our Champion! I am sure she is grateful to have such a huge support!

 The Leaders' board for the Division Contest are as follows:-

Humorous Speech Contest
Champion        : Tan Siok Looi         (Speecom TMC)
1st runner up   : Mohd Hadzrin Shah (UEM Academy TMC)
2nd runner up  : Shane Lim              (AFC TMC)  
Evaluation Contest
Champion        : Anna Hue   (MII TMC)
1st runner up   : Jack Lim     (AFC TMC)
2nd runner up  : Jason Moi   (Help TMC)

Congratulations to all who participated. I am sure it was a really close battle!

Well to the rest of the MII Toastmasters, see you this Tuesday....To Celebrations!

Trius Blades out!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toastmaster’s blog for August 24th 2010

Hola everyone, this Lena your temp girl from SJ covering up for the Blades whilst he is enjoying himself in Japan.

It has been yet another great meeting on the 24th August 2010 with loads of guests and thanks to PP Thilothaman for bringing in his colleagues from OCBC (only can borrow coins). They are Ms Felicia, Mr KC, Mr John and MR Eu Jin. I hope I have spelled all your names correctly.

Thank you Mr Willy Tan also for bringing Ms Molly who is a 'vocal' teacher. Thank you Mr Ho for bringing Mehdi and lastly Mr Leong Kok Wah for inviting Encik Mazrul from MII and me for inviting myself to come.

Thank you again.

The meeting started wonderfully punctual thanks to Mr Wong Hung Hiang ASAA for the evening. Madam President gave her opening speech about her past when she first entered Toastmasters; like how her hands would shake uncontrollably and shiver from nervousness. Then she gave the guests a chance to give an introduction of themselves and after that handed the floor to Mr Mohamad Abdullah the TME.

He enlightened us with the history of Toastmasters International, District 51 and our Club with the struggles and the pain that this club has gone through to get where we are today.

Mr Tash our invocation presenter gave a short but meaningful quotation which I hope he can share with us in writing.

We later had a buka puasa which got the guests excited and talking about it for the entire night. Thanks you IPP Levine for the glorious dinner. Oh yes, thanks also to Puan Rozi, Ms Anna, En Shizal for the Buka Puasa delicacy, as usual Mr Willy for the water.

The AGM then started with the President asking IPP Levine to chair the meeting and it went smoothly except for some points of order which was later smoothen.

Later, Mr Fazlan gave his oh so exciting ice breaker “My name is Lan”. He was so bold to bare his past for us to hear. Congratulations Lan! We then proceeded with an impeccable speech by our Champion Humorist Mr Leong.

The evaluation was opened to the floor with members “hantam-ing” him with all they've got; for the sake of victory to the club I suppose. 
The Evaluation started with PP Anna and followed by PP Thilo, PP Masdiana and Mr Wong Chen. The evaluation bit was so intriguing that we even exceeded the time limit with Mr Thilo giving hand signs for members to stop but everyone was just too indulged into evaluating Mr Leong.

We still got our second auntie Dr Gan (GE) to do the General Evaluation. Whilst she pat some she also whack some all in the name of Toastmaster. Our Ms Jerene the Grandma (Gramma rian) was as usual very candid gave good report on the language used, even Lan (our Ice Breaker) was not spared. Mr Willy as usual a very good listener even gave Ms Jerene the Gold Award for the highest Aahs,etc.

The day ended with feedback from the guests and most of them were mostly complimenting on the food and promised to come back and taste more of our proper meeting.

Mr Belushi aka PP Philip Wong closed the meeting with some words of wisdom and advise.

That’s all folks :) hope you enjoy this entry.

Mas Marlena

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

'Strive for the Stars' Meeting 10th August 2010

When one wishes upon a Star,
Makes no difference where you are,
Anything your heart desires,
will come to you.

Once again an amazing Meeting at the MII Toastmasters Club! This evening, the theme of the Evening was "Strive for the Stars" and the Word of the evening was "Excellent". Tonight the Toastmaster of the evening was Toastmaster Justin Ong who conducted the meeting for his very first time. Good Job!

Invocation Presenter was by ACG, CL PP Anne Hue who also doubled up as the General Evaluator.

The Table Topics Master was conducted by Lena who conducted it with great topics on parents & children relationships.

Congratulations to the volunteers

1) IPPP Leong Kok Wah,
2) PP Philip Wong,
3) CC Jerene Yap,
4) CC Willy Tan,
5) Guest Elaine,
and 6) Guest Rinoa.

Congratulations at attempting the Table topics! You all did really well!

Before the meeting broke for dinner, the Madam President TM, Goh Wei Lyn inducted TM, Mohd Fazlan into the MII Toastmasters Club. Congratulations Mohd Fazlan, you're one step closer to being a fantastic speaker.

Scheduled were 3 speeches.

1) TM, Shizal Ramli did his 3rd speech of the CC manual on "Principles to winning Chess games". A really informative speech which benefited many fellow chess players in the meeting.

2) CC, CL, Dr. Gan Eng Meng did her 2nd speech of the Advance Manual titled "Time to unwind". A visually enriching speech of the importance of relaxing and avoiding stress.

3) Last but certainly no the least ACB, Adam Fung did a general speech titled "DNA of Success". Really great speech with audience participation on the core ingredients of success.

Respective evaluators were

1) CC, Jerene Yap,
2) CC, CL Philip Wong
3) CC, CL Leong Kok Wah.

Congratulations to all!

The other role players of the evening were

1) Grammarian: Willy Tan, CC
2) Ah Counter: Mohamad Abdullah, DTM
3) Timer & ASAA: Mohd Fazlan, TM
4) General Evaluator: Anna Hue, ACG, CL

Awards that were presented for the night were

Best Table Topic Speaker: Guest, Elaine

Best Prepared Speaker: Adam Fung, ACB

Best Evaluator: Leong Kok Wah, CC, CL

Most Friendliest Person: Justin Ong, TM

    Best Role Player - PP Anna Hue, ACG,CL

The Meeting was adjourned by Madam President Goh Wei Lyn, TM and Immediate Past President Levine Lee, CC ,CL closed the meeting with an inspiring message.

Wow it was certainly a very educational yet an enjoyable meeting. I sure did learn alot.

Be sure not to miss the next meeting on the 24th of August 2010 when the club will hold its 19th AGM, Same time, Same place!!

This is Trius Blades Signing off as the MIIT e-VPPR! You have a great week!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

MII Toastmasters Humorous and Evaluation Contests 2010

Howdy-ho Guys!

Great to be read again =) On the 27th of July 2010, we the MII Toastmasters Club held our Humorous and Evaluation Contest. The Humorous contest is where the funniest of Toastmasters compete in a Humor Battle to be the best & win the crowd's reaction... to laugh. The Evaluation Contest instead focused more on listening and deduction skills on evaluating a test speaker invited as an example.

There were four contestants for the Humor Contest
1) Mr. Leong Kok Wah who spoke with humor on corruption.
2) Mr. Justin Ong who spoke on living on overseas and not coming back.
3) Mr. S. Mano who joked about an experience with a headstrong subordinate of his, and
4) Mr. Mohamad Abdullah who's play of words lingered between lead the sheep, leadership and lick the...

After dinner, the Evaluation Contest commenced.

The contestants were

1) Mr.Leong Kok Wah,
2) Mr. Mohamad Abdullah,
3) Mr. Philip Wong,
4) Mr. Justin Ong,
5) Ms. Anna Hue,
6) Dr Gan,
7) Mr. Wong Chen.

The Contest speaker of the night was Mr. Vincent Chow who gave a speech with the title, 'If I were a Girl'. Most likely an adaptation from the original Beyonce Song "If I were a Boy". Vincent gave a remarkable performance of which the 7 contestants each took their turn to evaluate him.

The winners were

Humorous Speech Contest

1) Mr. Leong Kok Wah

2)  Mr. Mohamad Abdullah

3) Mr. S. Mano

Evaluation Contest

1) Mrs. Anna Hue

2) Mr. Mohamad Abdullah

3) Dr. Gan Eng Meng

Congratulations to the winners!! And also A Big Congratulations to all the participants who participated during the contests. It takes great courage to compete let alone speak in front of a large audience. You all did really well!

Also a very special thanks to ALL the Role players who made ALL of this Happen.

Credits to...

Madam President cum Organising Chair: Goh Wei Lyn
Humorous Contest Chair: Miss Jerene Yap
Evaluation Contest Chair: Mr. Wong Hang Hiang

SAA: Mohd Fazlan

ASAA: Ho Fook Chuan

2nd ASAA: Mas Marlena

Time Keeper: Tiffany Ng
Assistant TimeKeeper: Lim Ah Hwai

Ballot Counter 1: Eugene Lau

Ballot Counter 2: Ms. Siow Fei Yau

TestSpeaker: Mr. Winson Chow

Honorable Contest Judges:
1) Chief Judge, ACG Lee Wei Seong
2) Judge CC, Teoh Chun Ming,
3) Judge CC, Marcus Loi
4) Judge ACS ALB, Nancy Liew
5) Judge ACB, Eu Choi San
6) Judge, Ginger

Your services were very much appreciated =D

After the certificate and prize giving session, announcements were made to the floor.
  • Area W4 is having their Humorous and Evaluation Contests on the 21st of August, 1-3pm @ the MIA Resource Center.
  • Ernst & Young Toastmaster's Club is having theirs on the 1st of September 2010. 
  • & The Final announcement was for a call for unused medicines at home. Anyone who has unfinished medicine kept in your closets please donate them to our MII Toastmasters Charity Rep. Masdiana. Your drugs will be tested for usability and dispensed in rural areas where medicine is scarce but required.
And that wraps it up. The next meeting shall be on the 10th of August 2010. Hope to see you there!

Same time, Same place! New Theme!

This is Trius Blades, your 2010 e-VPPR signing off!

Monday, July 19, 2010

MII Toastmasters INSTALLATION NITE 13th July 2010

Good Evening extinguished readers, Welcome back to another exciting blog entry!

This week, the MII Toastmasters club successfully Installed the 19th Executive Committee during their 19th Installation night held last Tuesday on the 13th of July 2010. (For those heading to the 3D+1 box office to buy your tickets for Jack Neo's New movie "Money not enough: 4D" the number to buy is 1913 and 7201)
... That's just a joke, I tell it every time.

The theme for the Installation night was Black & White. And as an incentive, The Best Dressed of the evening would be given a prize as well (even if he or she did not come up to flaunt it).

Guests from as far as the Allianz Toast Masters club consisting of their President, Mr. Charles and his Exco members, Winnie and Azlina travelled down to attend our Installation of which we are truly grateful. Amongst the other guests of honor who graced our session with their presence was Past President Larry Toh and the new Area Governor Jane Wu. Welcome.

The session started off at 7.15 on time as our ASAA TM Ho enthusiastically wield the club gavel to call the meeting into session. The TTE was none other than DTM Mohammad Abdullah who conducted his role flawlessly. Also a reminder to our members that we are no longer under area W but we have been placed in G2 for 'Graciously Great!'

The Table Topic Session was conducted by CC S.Manogaran who cheekily coaxed the speakers into revealing juicy opinions of which everyone enjoyed. The speakers who volunteered did really handling the topic.

Thank you Patrick for his take on single mothers,
Charles on egoism and self-centeredness,
Lim who was also our humor master with his opinion and experience in infidelity.
Masdiana on Mother in Laws,
Willy on the women behind fate of mankind,
Justin's opinion on expressing love to our partners,
Fazlan on Mutual respect,
& Maslena's POV on courting life.

IIPP Leong rounded up the session by giving encouraging remarks which focused on the strong points of each speaker.

The Laugh however had not yet begun, and TM Lim Ah Hwai fulfilled that void with his trademark Ah Beng jokes. Lim, We look forward to having Ah Lian join in the second season.

As a special treat, AASA Ho then called the meeting to a pause for a 30 minute dinner break. MII Toastmasters is well known for their food, and this session was no less. It is tradition that we celebrate the birthday Toasters of the month, and this month was none other than our beloved TM, Rozina Harun.

The Installation Ceremony was next in the agenda, and Immediate Past President CC,CL "Lovingly" Levine Lee successfully conducted her last action as the President by discharging her executive committee and appointing TM Goh Wei Lyn as our new President of the club for 2010/2011.

Our Current president then, picked up her gavel and ushered in a new line of executive committees.

Vice President of Education, CC CL Dr Gan
Vice President of Membership, TM Tash
Vice President of Public Relations, TM Justin
Secretary, TM Shizal
Treasurer, TM Wong
Sergeant-at-arms, TM Fazlan

A BIG Congratulations to all!

The General Evaluator our Area Governor Jane Wu then took the floor and gave her evaluation of the meeting.
Big thank you to the role-players Grammarian Wong Chen, Ah Counter Fei Yau, and Timer Rozina for their reports.

The Most Friendly person of the day was Gavel wielding ASAA Mr.Ho!

Best Table Topic Speaker went to Masdiana for her opinion on Mother in Laws.

Best Role-player went to DTM Mohammad for his role as the TTE.

Last but not least Best Dressed for the evening went to TM Justin Ong.

Finally, special thanks to the Past Presidents Larry Toh and Leong Kok Wah, and electronically by Philip for giving their closing message to the meeting.

Meeting was adjourned by our new President Goh Wei Lyn.

This is Trius Blades(AKA Justin Ong) your 2010 e-VPPR signing off...

You have a great week ahead!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Meeting 27 April 2010

Thank you for reading this blog. Much appreciate it and I would be happier if you let me have your feedback on the blog or email me directly .

We had 20 people attending the last meeting and 25% of them are guests and thanks to Jerene who brought in Susan and Tan, directly and with assistance from IPP David and Wai Ling from MUI and a visiting TM from Shaklee Family Vincent Soon. As for our members they all played a role and I would record their names accordingly.

President Levine came and due to the massive traffic which cause PP Anna, GE+EVP Rozina,some guests and yours truly were late and could not hear what our President had said.

HH Wong was the TME for the first time and am glad he did prepare himself well for the role. TTM was Masdiana also well prepared with Quotations for the speakers to agree or not to agree. The speakers were: Leong, Willy, Philip, Anna, Jerene and Mohamad. The vote goes to Mohamad on the topic, "Turn your scars to stars." The TTE was Monsiuer.

Following this we had an induction of Wong Chen our new member and I must congratulate our IPP for the way he conducted the session, very professional - maybe we make him the permanent inductor.

Picture of Wong Chen being inducted by President Levine.

Dinner was great but considering there are 20 mouths to feed the food seemed just enough and no extra helping for the hungry ghosts.

We have a full house of Project speakers starting with an Icebreaker well crafted by Wong Chen. In a short time of 6 minutes he bares himself as a 41 year old lawyer and at the same time help the family business, born in Kelantan, studied in Singapore and UK and now work in KL, a Toaist, sbna and a member of PKR - watch this guy he will be going places. He has a well chosen Evaluator PP Anna who seemed has no recommendation for him except that don't be too humble and apologise; just speak.

The next speaker was called Justice Ong aka Justin Ong. This is his 2nd Project speech and he shared with us on Photography something that he is passionate about. Now I know that "Photo" is light and "Graphy" is draw. He told us about aperture, focus, etc. His Evaluator was Willy.

After Photography we got motivated by Jerene when she advices us to package ourselves well otherwise don't leave the house. She feels that every one judges you by your look first and that is why nice looking products got sold fairly quickly. Her Evaluator is PP Philip.

Our last speaker is Mohamad who wants to commit suicide by doing a project on "Addressing the Opposition" and asking the audience to give the government a chance. In this project he is requested to conduct a Q&A session for 2 minutes but the crowd was so eager to fire him that he has to be stopped at 6 minutes. His evaluator was Dr Gan who correctly said that Mohamad's arguments are not strong enough, not convincing enough and not persusive enough. Mohamad needs to work harder if he believes in what he is saying.

After all these speeches GE Rozina took control and we all listened to Vincent Soon on the language used, Wei Lyn on the Aahs, Willy on the time after the respective Speech Evaluators. GE Rozi in her usual self, soft and sweet but firm gave her views about the meeting and profusely apologise for coming in late and strongly recommend that future GE cannot be late.

The Winners for the evening were:
1. Best Table Topics Speaker - Mohamad Abdullah
2. Best Project Speech - Wong Chen
3. Best Project Speech Evaluator - Dr Gan Eng Meng
4. Best Role Player - Goh Wei Lyn
5. Most Friend Person -

Picture of Dr Gan receiving the Best Evaluator Award from President Levine.

Finally, the Past President Philip takes over and closes the meeting.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

District 51 Area W2 2010 Contests

MII Toastmasters Club can be proud to have won 50% of the Awards for the Area Contest, from the words of our IPP. As in all contests there will be winners and there will be losers. Some are happy to win and still there are some who are happy to lose. The Contests was professionally conducted by OC DTM Renganathan cum CC for International and Janice for TT.

The Winners for the International went to Johan Shah Aman Shah, Mohamad Abdullah (MII) and Leong Kok Wah (MII). As for the Table Topics the winners are Tuck Yew, Roger (Speecom) and Cherylyn Goh Wei Lin (MII).

MII was well supported with 9 members present. See them below.

Great photography by Stanley Ho. Our Club Champions from left Cherylyn Goh Wei Lyn 3rd for Table Topics, IPP Leong Kok Wah 3rd for International and Mohamad for 2nd in the International.

From left: PP Philip Wong, Mohamad, Jerene Yap, Wei Lyn, Rozina Harun, Leong Kok Wah, Shizal, Stanley Ho and Levine (hiding behind IPP)

The three stooges waiting to be called.

The Inspirator of them all. Guess who?

The Towkay

The 4D guy

Our photographer Mr Stanley Ho Fook Chuan, without him this cannot happen. Am still waiting for his vdo shots.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meeting on 9th March 2010

Thank you for following this blog. I truly appreciate it.

This meeting with a theme "Lets March together" coupled with the word of the day "Celebrate" marks another milestone in MII history. We have IPP Leong Kok Wah practising his contest speech, the EVP Rozina Harun as acting President inducted a new member Justin Ong and our newly inducted member doing his Ice Breaker.

Acting President Rozina Harun confidently took the role and announced that our meeting on 23rd March 2010 has been cancelled as it coincide with the Area W2 Contest where our club will be taking part. She announced that IPP Leong Kok Wah and Goh Wei Lyn for Table Topics and IPP Leong Kok and Mohamad Abdullah for the International Speech Contest.

The Toastmaster of the Evening was Willy Tan and he conducted the meeting well. Induction was done by HH Wong and Chung Yoke Wai lead the Table Topics Session. Speakers for the session were not short as there are far too many volunteers. Monsieur, HH Wong, Wong chen, Philip Wong, Shizal and Dr Gan took part in the session and Wong Chen our guest took the honour of being the best TT Speaker.

Just before we break for dinner Ag President inducted Justin. It was a little confusion on the part of the ASAA Monsiuer who brought out another person who is a guest of LKW and that brought the house down with laughter. To err is human.

Dinner as usual but this time we had IPP Leong Kok Wah, Goh Wei Lyn and Jerene Yap standing at the head table for us to sing them the birthday song.

Speeches made for the evening were from IPP Leong on 'The Politics of Perception', Jerene on 'Plastic Money' and Justin on 'Just an Icebreaker'. Their evaluators were Masdiana, Anna for Leong, Goh Wei Lyn for Jerene and Dr Gan for Justin.

The General Evaluator was Adam Fung, as usual witty and humourous brought in the other evaluators like Philip for Grammarian duty, Monsiuer for counting aahs and Mohamad as time keeper.

The meeting closes wit PP Philip Wong advising members the greatness of the organisation and to drive safely home.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Roaring Red Meeting on 23 Feb 2010

The meeting started a little late, though 10 minutes but the club is not tolerant to lateness, eventhough the traffic is notorious. The meeting went a little out of the ordinary to create a little creativity and also to accommodate practical situations.

We have the President introducing a speaker and the speaker introducing the TME - to accommodate the Speaker's assignment as an emcee. The speaker is Thilo and the TME is Leong; both a past president of the club.

Everything went well especially with the Table Topics Session. Ho a right brainer came out with creative topics going against the culture, norm and tradition that startled our table topics volunteers. Philip, Garry, Masdiana, Willy and Wei Lyn got the chance to participate and I reckon the audience like Wei Lyn response and gave her the Award of BTT Speaker.

Since the new member did not turn up for the meeting, I guess it must be due to the trafic we had to skip this session and go straight up for our dinner.

Dinner was always good and for this meeting it was slightly better as we celebrate the Tiger year starting with Yee Sang a Malaysian favourite during the Chinese New Year.

After dinner we had the normal speech making and again the Assignment Speaker Thilo takes over to introduce the various speakers. He specially took extra time to introduce Mohamad who will be doing his Area Contest Speech entitled KILL KILL KILL.

After that the General Evaluator Dr Gan Eng Meng was called to conduct the Open Evaluation. Whilst PP Anna and PP Philip was assigned to do the evaluation but by the number of hands raised it looks like everyone wants to express themselves.

Anna's opinion is that the title is too negative and should be changed. She recommended that the story be expanded. On the Rumour side she suggested to bring the Tan Sri Lim's story to give more impact.

Philip commented that Mohamad did not give enough punch. He suggested more drama and should capitalise on May 13.

Next came Thilo who supported Philip's suggestion by giving more vocal variety, facial expression and also show the wound to add credibility. At the same time he said that audience may not be happy to ban the media as they need to receive information from the media.

After the three PP spoke, a rookie Jerene Yap states that Mohamad had too many glitches and too casual in his delivery. She suggeted to use a few more power words to add impact.

Surprisingly we also had a guess who volunteered to stand and state his views. I can't remember his name but by the end of the meeting he had already signed up as a member. Shame on me for not remembering his name. Anyway, he rightly commented that Mohamad must make a stand as to what he believes in. He must state his argument with pros and cons and give the example of the controversy in the use of the term ALLAH.

Our General Evaluator too could not hold herself and wanted to express her comments. She concurs with Anna that the title be changed and Mohamad should not whack the word 'whack' as it is mentioned too often. She also observed that Mohamad also looks down a little and should give more eye contact.

Our IPP then stood up and suggested that the title should be "The Biggest Loser" and Mohamad should focus on hatemails.

Finally, Mohamad's wife could not stand it anymore as she too likes to take this opportunity to whack her husband in public and yet would be praised for it. She counter suggested that the title be "For the sake of...." She also suggested that Mohamad talk less about his experience and May 13, just give a little info on his personal experience and move on. At the same time she felt that his transition was not smooth.

Everyone thought it was over but S Ho insisted on taking the floor and spoke like he never spoke before. He gave one of his best speech I ever heard. He spoke with conviction, vocal variety and facial expression. He said, "I know Mohamad has given better speeches before with all the ingredients of facial expression, vocal variety, drama, etc." He then said, on Mohamad comments on his wife remarks to him, 'to whack the Chinese back' he felt that it was hanging and not very clear.

Finally, Mohamad stands up and thank all for giving their feedback and have agreed to improve his speech taking all their recommendations. However, to change the title to The Biggest Loser does not seemed right to him as the Contest Chair will introduce him like this, "Mohamad Abdullah, The Biggest Loser; The Biggest Loser, Mohamad Abdullah". Instead he may consider changing it to "For the sake of ...Mohamad Abdullah".

The meeting ends with Best Role Player to Lim Ah Whai for his Time Keeping and Adam as Most Friendly. Attendance at the meeting was 17 members 4 guests and 1 visitng TM.

A special interview with Mohamad after the meeting:

Editor: What do you think about the Evaluation given by the members of your club?
Mohamad: I have always appreciated the confidence of others in evaluating me as a blessing. An evaluation is a positive feedback and it is a gift. Only when people have faith and trust in you that they will give the 'gift' or feedback. Many would have just lock it in their hearts for fear of a reprisal.

Editor: Why do you allow people to tear you down in public?
Mohamad: I don't consider it as a 'tear me down'. I consider this as a family gathering where we express ourselves for the sake of improving each other with no malice or evil intention. We want each other to be better and at the end of it our family/club can be better and well respected by other families or clubs.

Editor: You have been a Toastmasters for 30 years and most of them are less than 3 years.
Mohamad: It is not the number of years in Toastmasters that makes you a better and a know all. The longer you are in Toastmasters, the more you will learn that you know less and less. In fact, the new members will give you better feedback as they are the audience who will be doing the listening and they will share with you what they perceive your speech to be and how it impacted them. They do not have any preconceive ideas about you or the speech.

Editor: A member of another club who said that he has been an Area Governor and involved in judging said that your speech is political and racial in nature. What do you say about this?
Mohamad: This subject has been covered many times. Toastmasters International have also responded to us on this and that is there is nothing that we cannot say in a speech contest. As Toastmasters we should be responsible enough to speak without malice to any one person, race or beliefs. If the judges deemed my speech as political then I consider them as incompetent.

Editor: Are you happy with the response from the members?
Mohamad: I am grateful to the members and I know sincerely in my hearts that they want me to be better and that is a great gift you can receive from your family members.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Meeting on 12 Jan 2010 & AGM

Our President made a good speech to open the meeting by saying that we are the only club that she knows in our District or the world to have our AGM and election early in December or January. She believes that with early election, our incoming officers will be able to emulate the current officers and perhaps do better during their time. Furthermore, with more time the incoming Team will be able to have more time to plan for their year.

The President then pass the control of the AGM to Mohamad and the result of the Nominating Committee list was accepted in toto after IPP reported his year's activities and the accounts for his year passed. Our new incoming Exco with be as follows:

1. President - Rozina Harun
2. VP Education - Dr Gan Eng Meng
3. VP Membership - Chung Yoke Ki
4. VP Public Relations - Stanley Ho Fook Chuan
5. Secretary - H H Wong
6. Treasurer - Manian
7. SAA - Tash
8. IPP - Levine Lee
9. Auditors - Mano and Thilo

Anyway, on the general meeting I can say that all the role players seemed to be very proud member of this 'illustrious' club. They kept on saying the 'best club in the district', and many more praises.

The Role Players were:

ASAA - Tash
Table Topics Mistress - Jerene
Table Topics Evaluator - Dr Gem
Speakers were - Leong and Lim
Evaluators were - Anna and Mano
Language Evaluator - Masdiana
Aah Counter -
Timer - HH Wong
General Evaluator - Thilo
Tee Em EE - Mohamad

Oh yes I almost forgot that Justin had signed in as a member of the club and we had three guests present and they too look promising in joining us.

Happy New Year guys take care. Will post some pictures soon.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Meeting on 28 December 2009

It was our Anniversary, in fact our 18th birthday and it was celebrated in a subdued way although happily.

Here we see some Past Presidents and the Exco cutting the cake.

Our ever hardworking Stanley Ho working on the Listening Skill test for our members.

Our young man Mr Khung trying to gestulate (hope it is the right spelling) to express himself.

Some of the guests attending the Anniversary Meeting.

Well I hope pictures speaks a thousand words as words I do not have and time I could not afford.

Briefly we had a brief meeting with Madama President giving us a very long speech, thanking us all and Mohamad going down Masdiana memory lane. With questions from the floor it looks more interesting.

Dinner was exceptionally great and we continued our meeting at the 4th floor with games conducted by our able and willing Stanley Ho. Oh yes the best Table topics went to Monsieur Tilaka.

Everybody went home with a gift extra as Willy as usual very generous gave us an extra load to carry. Thanks Willy for being thoughtful.