Friday, January 12, 2007

Meeting #1 of 2007 More pictures

Kish caught making a deliver of "For better or worst" and Raja dancing whilst doing his speech "The day he never forget"

Meeting #1 of 2007

Levine and Karren telling us what they saw with Monsieur delivering the Table Topic question and PP Anna Hue giving her Invoccation for the evening.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Meeting #1 of 2007 - President Jeffrey Lee

President Jeffrey Lee conducting the AGM.

The following were elected as Club Officers with Sherine Lim as our new CEO for the Period July 1, 2007 till June 30, 2008. We had the election early to allow the new Officers time to prepare for their year. Congratulations to the elected officials and start cracking now.

President : Sherine Lim, CTM
VP Education : Leong Kok Wah
VP Membership: Joyce Chung, CTM
VP Public Relations: Ho Fook Chuan
Secretary: Kishna Fitra Nordin,
Treasurer: PP Philip Wong, ATM(B)
SAA: Levine
IPP: Jeffrey Lee, CTM

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Meeting #1 for Two Double O-Seven

We had a good crowd for this first meeting of the year with four guests. I was the TME of the evening and just bought a digital camera and love to play with it. So enjoy yourself with the pictures and sorry if I did not 'shoot' you last night.

Give me time, I will certainly shoot you one day. Looks like I cannot produce the pictures at this stage and will try later.

Presents yesterday were: President Jeffrey, VPE Shirene, VPM Kish, Sec Raja, Treasurer Joyce, SAA Leong, PP Masdiana, PP Anna, PP Mike, PP Thilo, IPP Larry, Adam, Levine, Richard with Guests, Jade, Aida, Carren and Leong. Have I left out anyone, yes, including Mohamad.

Anna gave a great KFC Invocation, Larry introduce us the word "Determination" and the theme was "007". Shirene led us in the Table Topics whilst Thilo did the Evaluation. 7 members spoke and the winner goes to Double O-One, Masdiana 001 (ooi).

The prepared speeches were rendered by Richard talking of "Go for the sky", Kish with "For better or for worst", Raja on his "Unforgettable Day" and Leong on "A Bad Day". The best speaker title goes to Leong Kok Wah.

The Evaluators for the speakers were, Pres Jeff, PP Thilo, PP Anna and Adam. The best evaluator vote goes to PP Anna.

We have also the Best role player for the night and the title goes to PP Masdiana whilst another lady member VPE Shirene took the Most Friendly Person title.

We also had our AGM and I will report this tomorrow. Bye for now rushing for another meeting.