Tuesday, July 01, 2008

18th President's 1st day at Office


My first 24 hours as President of this club has been rather eventful.

The day started with a congratulatory call from PP Mike Teng early in the morning.
Mike was so relieved that he can finally drop the Incoming and address me as just plain President.
Quote: " Get your lazy A** out of the bed and start working !! ".

My first official duty as President of MII-TMC was to attend the Club Officer Installation of our baby club -
Great Eastern Toastmasters Club. All i had to do was just attend, sit, smile, clap , eat ,
pose for a few photos, engage in small talk ( sodomy and the likes ) and collect my designer GE T-shirt.
If this is all a President has to do, darn, I want to be President forever.

My visit to GE-TMC however was not without fanfare.
Both the "parents" in our club, aka the founders of the club "accompanied' me to the function
just like any other ordinary parent would do on their child's first day at school.
I guess, like all parents, they have found it very hard to let go, lest this very green President
"misbehave", "conducts himself improperly in an inappropriate manner" , that will bring
disrepute to this great institution called MII-TMC.
I guess, i passed with flying colours because i was even chauffeured driven home
in a Mercedes Benz !!!!
Darn, if this is the lifestyle of the MII-TMC President, I want to
be Presiden seumur hidup lah !!

That my fellow Toastmasters is my first 24 hour report as President of MII-TMC.
I will no doubt keep all of you informed till that momentous day -
7pm - 08 - 07 - 08.