Thursday, July 19, 2007

District 51 became Top 6 in the World

Dear Club and District Officers,

"Our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to purse them." - Walt Disney

YES. Last night I received a call from our International President, DTM Johnny Uy, informing us that our District achieved President's Distinguished District status (accorded to the top 6 Districts in the world).

This morning, it is official. This achievement is not only for the District but for each and everyone of you!
Every drop of sweat has created an ocean of success.
It's Simply Amazing! ... so are YOU!

Much of the effort to necessary to turn our dreams into reality lies within us as individuals. Our dreams won't come true without our personal commitment and dedication to excellence. However turning our dreams into reality requires the assistance of others.

The District's success begins at the club level, followed by the Areas and Divisions.
And this is possible b'cos all of you have given your best in serving as either our Club President or being part of the club Executive Committee, Area Governor, Division and respective councils, appointed and elected District Officers. And of course our Past District Governors for lighting the path ahead.

For the record, we achieved :

CLUBS : 46- Distinguished Status, 38- Select Distinguished Status and 71- President's Distinguished Status.
AREAS : 17- Distinguished Status, 10 - Select Distinguished Status and 24 - President's Distinguished Status.
DIVISIONS : 12 - President's Distinguished Status.

... what an Amazing feat ... we cannot ask for more!

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for your remarkable performance.

As we SOAR to a new beginning, let's continue to give our best in Shaping Our Aspirations and Results to ensure that every club is Distinguished or better ... IT'S POSSIBLE because we are TOASTMASTERS:SIMPLY AMAZING!

With gratitude from all of us,

Message from our Immediate Past District Governor Siva

Message from PP Philip from Kuching

President Sherine, DTM Bro. Mohd and all,
Thank you for the update. I am deeply impressed and inspired by the Bro. you really did wonder for the club and I salute you for it. I came back last night from my trip to Tawau and KK and also Kuching. If any of you have not been to KK(Kota Kinabalu), plse do so. It is a fantastic city and it is not that expensive esp. if you fly airasia and do not stay in 4 or 5 stars hotel. Looking forward to see all at the next meeting. All the best Philip Wong p/s:For Kaki who have not visited our blog(, plse do so. You will be in for a BIG BIG surprise.
p.p/s: Mdm President, plse advice how if I want to reply or comment on the blog.thks

Philip Wong

For the information of our members PP Philip Wong is a regular writer to Newspapers and magazines for his articles on Travels. He travels the world over and publish good reports. Recently, I also notice that this PP also writes in the Star giving his comments on social issues. Well done Bro, please share some of your thoughts with us in this Blog. Mohamad

1,000 Aplogies to Adam

It has been pointed out by Sherine and Leong that the Best Assignment Speaker for the meeting on 10 July is Adam and not Leong. 1k apologies to Adam.

If there is anyone out there who likes to make the report of future meetings or any event or to post anything in our Blog, please do not be shy. Just send them to me and I will post it provided it meets with the Rules set out by the blogger, that is me. I promise you that the rule is very simple, 'don't hurt anyone'.

Please, oh please help me and lighten my burden and get your name and even your pictue published for the world to see.