Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meeting 23 September 2008

We had a DOT to be our General Evaluator and this DOT was imported. He seemed to give good commendations about everything and one that really struck me was on Punctuality (we even have a clock directly opposite him) and how he felt about our members enthusiasm and commitment. I am proud of you Dr DTM William Lau for recognising us and you members of MII for the way you have projected the club to our Guest.

Our meeting starts sharp at 7pm with Levine our ASAA calling the meeting to order and quickly pass the control to our President Mr Leong Kok Wah (no relation to Teresa Kok). This time our President amaze us with his understanding of the Ramadan and Shawal festivities and he also named the 12 Muslim calender month. Good research and this is what I believe Malaysian should practice. We should not be afraid to learn about other people's culture and we should not also be afraid to let others learn our culture. With better understanding we will achieve better harmony.

From my count we had a good attendant with 16 members present, one guest brought my Monsiuer and one visiting TM Dr William.

The TME was Mr Monsiuer Tilaka, a 3 in 1 guy. In the morning he is a Tourist Guide, in the evening he is an Insurance Agent and in the night he is Disc Jockey and whenever he is free he is also a Transporter, taking Test Speaker from one club to another. He got everyone with a Role to briefly explain their job and due to his excitement he forgot to call upon our General Evaluator to do his.

Next Session was the Invocation and this was presented by Chin. Someone need to mentor him before he attempt to handle this role as in our club the person just have to read a motivating verse or poem to start the meeting.

After Chin it went to Adam who conducted the Table Topics and he limit it to only four as time was limited. Only Khung, Mano, Chin and Mohamad were called and the winner went to Chin with his Horizontally Challenged poser.

Oh yes, I forgot this time we went for dinner just after the President's address and we had the usual food but Khung as usual brought his bananas, Mohamad brought Raya kuih called "Akok" named after our President and Teresa and the Birthday cake for Willy I believe was bought by Levine. We got kurma too and I failed to find out who brought it. Too much to eat and we shared it with two from MII office.

The prepared speeches started off with Manian (Evaluated by Masdiana), Philip (Evaluated by Anna), Dr Gan Eng Meng (Evaluated by Mike), Willy (Evaluated by Levine). It was an interesting variety of topics. Manian spoke about himself - how in 5 years he changed 6 schools, Philip on how to play the Stock Market, Dr Gan appealing for support for her Tai Chi Association and Willy talking about Health. The best speaker award goest to Dr Gan and the best Evaluator Award went to Mike.

GE Dr Willian, DTM take over the last session and praise and praise the club for everything. His recommendations were to restore the Humour Session, (actually we will if time permit) and his observation as to how lost Khung were during the Table Topics Session. His recommendations were for the Table Topics Master to explain before starting the session.

The President then took over and presented the Awards. The Best Role Player went to Dr William Lau. Apparently, someone forget about the Most Friendly Person for the night, much to the disappointment of the regular winners like Mike & Adam.

The Closing Ode was conducted by Masdiana and she gave an inspiring speech whilst at the same time thanking all the members of the MII TMC for the support during her recent accident. She felt that MII is like a family to her and besides going for our journey in Communication and Leadership she felt that the rapport amongst members is equally important.

I am waiting for the pictures taken last nigh to come and I hope to post to you soonest possible.

I am not lost of words now as Khung said during the Table Topics I am short of time. Hope you guys enjoy the reading and do give me your feedback. Cherio......

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Area Contest

MII TM Club became the host again and this time our President took the role of Contest Chair for both the Contests. As it falls on the Ramadan month, he quickly start the contest session at 7pm and then declare the meeting adjourned for Buka Puasa. This is just like the translation of Marine Open Cover Policy. In Malay it is cal Polisi Buka Tutup Marin.

There were four Contestants for the Evaluation and three for the Humour. I can't remember the names of the Contestants and the test speaker - perhaps due to my age or the puasa but I must speak up for the sake of freedom of the press - Anna Hue ought to be the Champion for the Evaluation Contest. Just could not understand how the judges gave it to another who in my personal opinion is not even near enough. All the other Evaluators speak from the Rostrum and they kept their eye contact on the speaker - as I have many timesbut we are not talking to the speaker but to the audience at large.

Not to sound like a sore loser I guess, Judges need to be effectively trained if they are trained at all.

As for Humour Session, I believe Mohamad did better than the last time when he won at the club level but the other two contestants were better than him. The other contestants were smooth in their delivery, have enough body gesture or 'slapsticks' and they are good with their words. They deserve to win.

If I may just make by comments here, I find Toastmasters are over dramatic in their presentation. Almost every word they express must have a gesture and this to me is distractive. Perhaps I like to open this discussion with the readers....if any lah.

Let me put this in better perspective, should a speaker use gesture for every word they use and make a speech so dramatic like a clown? I think a speaker should speak and from the words he or she selected the audience is able to picture it without graphic display of our body. Send in your comments and we will debate over it.

P/s. Sshhhh don't tell anyone, whilst Mohamad lost the contest he is happy with himself. He thinks he has done better. If you do not agree tell him and if you agree tell him too.

Am Back Again

Hi guys, I hate to start a conversation with an apology but this must be an exception. I have been missing for sometime now and here I am back - as no one wants to do the job. Huh...pity me huh.

Our meeting on 26 August 2008 was a little different as the President wants all our contestants to redo their speeches at the club and members present to whack them hard into shape. I will leave the details out just concentrate on the program - fine with you guys?

Mohamad, you know who he is, still talking about the DOT, the dirty or Distinguished Old Toastmaster stuff and the members didn't seemed to be very entertained. Everyone gave their opinions on how they view his Humour Speech and I guess Willy hit him right on the head - Be yourself. I guess, I can speak for him as he just cannot relax and be himself. When he is on the stage he is a different monster. He needs to change.

Another Mr M, Mr Monsier he told us about the same thing and Mohamad told him to make it like he is being reborn, getting out of the hole for the second time, but this time he is fully aware of what is going on. Unfortunate for him, nothing went wrong with Mohamad and he has to stand by till next year perhaps.

On Evaluation, Anna was great but our President felt that being too confident is not good. Anna should go behind the rostrum and speak like the rest. Whilst this is true to some point but for the Division and District levels, you would not be able to win if you stay behind the rostrum. Anna as usual, motherly type, giving her evaluation witout notes and very structure. You want to be a good Evaluator, buy her lunch and she will help you improve by leaps and bounds.

I should also report on the Table Topics Session conducted before the Humour Speech Rehearsal. Zarini was the Master and gave topics related to Patriotism and the best speaker went to theis Cellgen guy Willy, very calm and composed kind of a guy. When Adam Fung is the TME all the best roles will be his. He took the Best Role Player and the most friendly person for the evening. Next time he should be graceful enough to bestow his award to another as he is getting too many already.

That is all I got for you and I hope you are happy with the brief reporting style.