Sunday, February 03, 2008


The PIG will soon make way for the RAT to take over and there start a new cycle. On 7 Feb 2008 the Chinese the world over will celebrate a new year. I cannot predict much about the year of the RAT except that it will be a great year for MII Toastmasters Club. Why? Because we all believe it will be and so it will. If each of us just do our part, I am sure the sum of this small parts will add up and at the end of our term we can all celebrate because we made it happen.

For the benefit of the non-Chinese and also the Chinese who are not not informed of the Lunar Calender let me show off a little of what I know.
. Rat
. Cow
. Tiger
. Rabbit
. Dragon
. Snake
. Horse
. Goat
. Monkey
. Rooster
. Dog
. Pig

And do you know why the cat was not in? The Rat was so smart and told the cat to come later and the cat miss the boat when Buddha took the first 12 animals. Since then the cat still hold grudges against the rat and that is why your mother would have scolded you when you quarrel with your sibblings by saying "You are just like the cat and mouse(rat)". Rat is an intelligent animal and has helped the human being plenty with their sacrifice in medical research.

I heard someone asked who I am. Well I am a Gorilla to my children a bigger form of the monkey. We are supposed to be very intelligent and bright but as always there will be an exception to the rule.

Want to know more of this just buy Lillian Too (my Harvard Club Past President) or Joey book ( I do not know him). Believe it or not just enjoy it.

In conclusion, may I wish all Readers of this blog who are celebrating the Chinese New Year "Sin Nien Kwai Lerh" or New Year Happy lah! (word for word translation) and the rest Have a good break from your work.