Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toastmaster’s blog for August 24th 2010

Hola everyone, this Lena your temp girl from SJ covering up for the Blades whilst he is enjoying himself in Japan.

It has been yet another great meeting on the 24th August 2010 with loads of guests and thanks to PP Thilothaman for bringing in his colleagues from OCBC (only can borrow coins). They are Ms Felicia, Mr KC, Mr John and MR Eu Jin. I hope I have spelled all your names correctly.

Thank you Mr Willy Tan also for bringing Ms Molly who is a 'vocal' teacher. Thank you Mr Ho for bringing Mehdi and lastly Mr Leong Kok Wah for inviting Encik Mazrul from MII and me for inviting myself to come.

Thank you again.

The meeting started wonderfully punctual thanks to Mr Wong Hung Hiang ASAA for the evening. Madam President gave her opening speech about her past when she first entered Toastmasters; like how her hands would shake uncontrollably and shiver from nervousness. Then she gave the guests a chance to give an introduction of themselves and after that handed the floor to Mr Mohamad Abdullah the TME.

He enlightened us with the history of Toastmasters International, District 51 and our Club with the struggles and the pain that this club has gone through to get where we are today.

Mr Tash our invocation presenter gave a short but meaningful quotation which I hope he can share with us in writing.

We later had a buka puasa which got the guests excited and talking about it for the entire night. Thanks you IPP Levine for the glorious dinner. Oh yes, thanks also to Puan Rozi, Ms Anna, En Shizal for the Buka Puasa delicacy, as usual Mr Willy for the water.

The AGM then started with the President asking IPP Levine to chair the meeting and it went smoothly except for some points of order which was later smoothen.

Later, Mr Fazlan gave his oh so exciting ice breaker “My name is Lan”. He was so bold to bare his past for us to hear. Congratulations Lan! We then proceeded with an impeccable speech by our Champion Humorist Mr Leong.

The evaluation was opened to the floor with members “hantam-ing” him with all they've got; for the sake of victory to the club I suppose. 
The Evaluation started with PP Anna and followed by PP Thilo, PP Masdiana and Mr Wong Chen. The evaluation bit was so intriguing that we even exceeded the time limit with Mr Thilo giving hand signs for members to stop but everyone was just too indulged into evaluating Mr Leong.

We still got our second auntie Dr Gan (GE) to do the General Evaluation. Whilst she pat some she also whack some all in the name of Toastmaster. Our Ms Jerene the Grandma (Gramma rian) was as usual very candid gave good report on the language used, even Lan (our Ice Breaker) was not spared. Mr Willy as usual a very good listener even gave Ms Jerene the Gold Award for the highest Aahs,etc.

The day ended with feedback from the guests and most of them were mostly complimenting on the food and promised to come back and taste more of our proper meeting.

Mr Belushi aka PP Philip Wong closed the meeting with some words of wisdom and advise.

That’s all folks :) hope you enjoy this entry.

Mas Marlena