Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Meeting 23 Dec 2008

DTM Logandran receiving his Award for Best Role Player and Most Friendly Person from our Vice President Education Levine Lee, CC.

Dr Devi was recognised for her Evaluation of Lee Hin Chong as Best Evaluator for the evening. The Award was presented by our VP(E) Lovingly.

Mr Simon Soh stole the Best Speaker Award for the night from our VPE Lovingly. Besides the Certificate Simon was also awarded with a Christmas tree from our President.

Masdiana Ooi was also Awarded as the Best Table Topics Speaker for the evening.

The President of Speakers Dream Chow Mun Yuen giving her Closing Address. Smiling, full of confidence and happy that the Speakers Dream members came in full support of the meeting.

Gwendoline Gwee the Evaluator for our Past President Philip Wong - very gentle and very firm with her Evaluation.

Our Past President Larry Toh sbna (Single but not available) very poised and sharp in his Evaluation of Simon Soh speech.

Our Humour Master Low Gain Drain always smiling and tickling everyone with his wits and humour without offending anyone - very clean jokes.

Lim Hing Chong, attempting his difficult (to me) assignment - reading a Poem but he started by singing.

Our Area Governor Dr Devi very serious when reading the Objective of Lee Hing Chong's speech. On her left is the DOT from MII looking at some phono I guess.

Another PP from MII Mr Thilothaman - a shining example - sharing his views as he Evaluated Ng Lay Choo a member of GE TM Club.

Ng Lay Choo making her presentation that allows every part of her body to communicate to the audience.

Our General Evaluator listening attentively together with the Time Keeper on his right and the Table Topics Master on his left.

It was the last meeting for the year 2008 and I was glad I came. I was told there were 46 members, (Speakers Dream and MII) with family and guests. The two rooms were crowded and sad to say that some members went home without uttering a word, except of course during dinner.

The President of MII was as usual, gave a speech about Christmas and also told us about turkey the chicken. He said the turkey did not come from Turkey it came from North America, for the Malays turkey is Holland and they called it the Dutch Chicken and to the Chinese it is the Chicken from Fire not to the Fire. We learned something last night. I did not managed to check with my Indian friends what turkey is to them and also from the French Foo Chow Association President, Monsieur Tilaka. Maybe they have thier own version.

He later introduced us to our PP Anna dressed with a Santa Hat and called her Santa Anna where our Toastmasters International Head Quarters is now. Santa Anna briefed us in dtail on the history of Toastmaster and also the meeting schedule.

The Invocation Presenter PP Masdiana read to us a touching poem from Mother Theresa on LIFE.

The VPE of Speakers Dream Lawrence Who oops it is a HOO gave us unpredictable questions as to what we should give to someone and even the most experienced speaker got stuck. Volunteers were Monsieur, Dr Devi, Masdiana, Thilo, Teik Lee and Suresh. The Winner goes to Masdiana for giving Joy to her family during Xmas.

Mohamad was the TT Evaluator and he really meant what he said "to whack the speakers". From the President of the French connection, to Area Governors (past and present), Division Champion, Past President to Lady Diana all got whacked.

The Humour Master was Loghandran (prounced Low Gain Drain) our Malaysian highest achiever that was placed first runner-up at the International Speech Contest in Canada this year. He made fun of the Singh though not negatively.

Dinner was better as it was a Christmas Dinner with Turkey and Apple cinnamon (I do not know what it is but I hope the spelling is correct). Oh yes it was also to celebrate the birthday of Dr Gem, 27 year old Khung (am poor in maths the numbers seemed to switch places) and also World FRU TISC (please figure this out - but no prize for winners).

The Prepared speeches came from Speakers Dream and Simon say........don't ask WHY but ask HOW. Philip from MII our Taipan selling his property in Kuching at a discount for those present, Lay Choo (formerly from Great Eastern) telling us the concept of Kungfu Panda and Lim Hin Chong from Speakers Dream sharing with us a poem from Lord something.

The Evaluators were: PP Larry, GG (Gwenddoline Gwee), PP Thilo and AG Dr Devi. The Grammarian was Dr Gem, Ah Counter was Monsieur and Time Keeper from Speakers Dream, (sorry I forgot to ask her for her autograph). Oh yes the GE is Hi Loss Drain or Loghandran Krishnasamy

Observation from the GE were: Only two father Christmas or rather one father and one mother for the night; one to represent China and the other India (the two most populous country in the world), the food was great and they want to come back next year, the session was easy for him and the Evaluators did their job well.

The Recognition Session saw Masdiana taking the Best Table topics speaker, Simon as the best project speaker, Dr Devi - best Evaluator, and Low Gain Drain took the Most Friendly Person and Best Role Player. MII members are very fair, they try and please their guests by recognising them so that they will have fond memories of MII and will come back soon

Finally the President of Speakers Dream MY Chow (people call her Mun Yuen) close the meeting and also announced that the Speakers Dream Speech Contest will be held on 12 Jan 2008 and all are invited.


At this time of giving, I like to give my best wishes,to you, your family and your friends too (and that's me) for a happy holiday and don't believe what you hear about 2009 - It is going to be a great year for all of us. Just believe it and it will come true.