Friday, May 02, 2008

MII Toastmasters got Toasted

On Labour Day we are supposed to lie on our soft bed, relax and dream but yesterday our Labour Day 13 of us were made to lie down alright on a hot floor with a thin towel and a small stool to rest our heads on. I used a small towel to protect my soft cranium but do not know what the others did with their small towels.

Well we were there from 10 am till 2.30pm over 5 hours but got toasted for only 40 minutes. This is a SPA of a kind that allows your body to excrete the moisture from your body through your skin. Our club exco was happy to sponsor all our members who could come and enjoy the anti-oxident exercise (I hope I got it all right) and perspire. As I have said to someone there we don't sweat only horses do - men perspire and ladies only glow.

President & her new husband (sorry her only husband) was there, Leong with his one wife and one son, Mike with his entourage, Ho with his wife 2B, Thilo, Anna, Jimmy (our latest member), Philip, Mohamad, Masdiana came with their respective spouses whilst the singles were Levine, Adam and Dr Gan.

It was fun, meaningful and I believe it certainly brought us closer together. We got closer with the spouses and children of our members and friends.

President briefly took the mike and welcome everyone and VPE Leong briefed the members on the program and what to expect at the SPA as well as gave a run down of our Membership Campaign, Installation Night, Guests Night and Club activities.

Later Mike with the help of Masdiana explain about the trip to Bali in November for the Half-Yearly District Meeting.

We had good lunch and the SPA has given us two more tickets to go back there as well as have our blood check for free. Sincerely, I do not think any club has done this for their members. Glad to be an MII TMC member. For those who overslept and those who are in Nebraska and those who were lost in transit somewhere, I am sorry for you as you have missed a great opportunity to learn something about being healthy.

Thank you to Leong and his Team who organised the session and may we stay Forever Young - Together.