Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Be My Valentine" Meeting 070213

This is one of the best meeting I have attended at MII TMC and am proud to have a Team of dedicated members and officers working together to make each meeting better than the last. Congratulation to our VPE Sherine Lim for taking on the role of Acting President, Ho our VPPR as our TME, Joyce as our ASAA and our Treasurer, Levine as our Invocation Presenter and buying the Pick Candles, Leong the backroom guy who produce the Pink Program and whatever you see in the room and many more.

We had 23 people present and they are
Members: 1Sherine, 2Kish, 3Ho, 4Joyce, 5Mike, 6Anna, 7Larry, 8Thilo, 9Tillman, 10Monsiuer, 11Betty, 12Levine, 13Adam, 14Leong and 15Mohamad
Visiting TM: 15Sam, 16Ernest, 17Simon
Guests: Four and I only remembered on and dare not mention her name only. If anyone could let me have their names I would appreciate it and make the change.
Inductee: Leong Yip Sau.

Meeting starts with VPE Sherine taking the floor and asking everyone to introduce themselves and also to share with the rest what our plans are for Valentine Day.

Next came Levine with her Invoccation telling us how the poor Phillipinoes having to leave their family and country, sell their belongs to seek fortune in other strange countries.

Yours truly as Table topics master gave 7 angpows with small gifts in each but strangely there is not enough as there are more volunteers than speakers for the night. Sorry AG Mike Teng, next Valentine, I shall ensure to reserve a question for you to participate.

Adam gave his usual frank and honest evaluation of the speakers whom we all agree were great.

Special for the night is the Induction of Leong Yip Sau. He must be feeling privilege to have been inducted in the midst of so many people. Sherine did her homework and everything goes well. Thank you Sherine for ensuring that such task can be done perfectly.

Dinner was a little special we had some nugget hearts to eat and as usual our food is always fantastic. Thanks to Leong and Sherine for insisting on quality.

After the dinner we had four Good speeches starting with Leong giving us "Feng Shui - Tools of the Trade" for his #8 Project. All of us didn't know that Feng shui has gone hitec now.

Following Leong we got Kish who spoke to us of "If tomorrow never comes". Here she related to us about her first love, her father and how she regrets for one action that gave an impact on her today. She reminded us to do it now and not wait as tomorrow may never come.

Thilo took the floor subsequently and he has to speak off the cuff. Larry chose a topic about Television and rattle on like a pro. I think if we give him more time he can still continue.

We had a guest speaker (a TM member from another club) taking the next speaking slot and talk to us about Gong Xi Fa Cai. He informed us about the Chinese Zodiac, Chinese Custom and Chinese Calender. We now learned that Chinese New Year should be on 4th Feb if they follow the Solar Calender.

Our GE Sam from another club then took control and called on the Evaluators and they were in order of speaking, Tillman, Mike, Larry and Anna. Then he called on the Grammarian, Time Keeper and Ah Counter for their report before he made his final evaluation.

In closing I must say this is one of our best meeting and I hope the next one on 27 Feb "Gong Xi Fa Cai" will be better. See you there in RED.