Friday, July 27, 2007

Installation NIght Meeting 24 July 2007

The photographs has not come in yet but I guess it will be soon. Thanks in advance goes to Ho for taking the photos.

The Installation night went as planned with Installing Officer coming from the District our Past District Governor Low Yat Seow, DTM and currently the Parliamentarian of the District. He conducted the Installation with perfection and all our Exco members were present, though Monsiuer came in just in time to be installed.

The new Exco installed were: President - Sherine Lime, VPE - Leong Kok Wah, VPM - Joyce Chung, VPPR - Ho, Treasurer - Levine Lee, SAA - Monsiuer Tilaka and yours truly as Secretary. President will find her lap very heavy this time with me on it.

The Meeting starts differently this time with the SAA handing the control to the TME who starts the evening with precision. IPP or Outgoing Presient makes his speech and also gave all the outgoing officers a gift. He even gave the two Founders who did nothing something to remember him by. You know who they are right?

The ASAA for the night was Yip Sau, the TME specially selected by the President is PP Anna Hue, Games Master goes to the ever young PP Mike Teng, TTM to the humourous guy Adam Fung, Grammarian to our Globe Trotter Philip Wong and Closing Ode doen by PP Masdiana. The other roles were assigned to our visitors and they were Mok Soo Pon ATMB, CL as General Evaluator, Meyya ACS as TTE, Tony Lin as Ah Counter. We have also another visiting TM our Past Area Governor Koh Teck Lee giving support to our GE.

During the night there was prize galore with almost everyone taking home something. Sorry for the few who misses out. The Exco got a T shirt and they must put them on at the COTs on Saturday, the Roles players were recognised and given a gift too and so is our IO.

Food was extra special and so difficult to get people to come back to their seat as they all trying to do justice to the food and caterer.

The theme for the evening was Changing of guards and our Table Topic Master did conduct the TT Session around the theme - whilst the word of the day appropriately worded REVITALIZE.

The winners for the night were: Best Role Play goes to Anna without the King, Most Friendly goes to our young man who never grow up Mike Teng and the Best Table Topic Speaker goes to Azmi Sharin our Division Governor. Hope I got it all correct. Oops Toastmaster cannot apologise mah.

Got to go back for dinner and hope to catch up with the rest of the Exco at the Club Officers traing at the Help Institute - Division double U Cots at Help!