Monday, September 27, 2010

Making MII goreng out of the Division level Championships! =D

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Marlena for standing in for me. Job well done!

Dear Toastmasters...."Domo!" I have returned from the Land of the Rising Sun....only to find....That we are Division G & Area G Champions!! This is amazing!

Kudos to Past President Anna Hue, ACG, CL, ECC (Evaluation Contest Champion) for Bringing us to the District Level! You make us Proud! Below are some of the moments last Saturday during the Division Level Championships where according to PP Leong, our legendary ECC Ann Hue overwhelmed 7 men!  A feat accomplished only by a gifted few.

 Special thanks also to the MII Cheermasters who came and supported our Champion! I am sure she is grateful to have such a huge support!

 The Leaders' board for the Division Contest are as follows:-

Humorous Speech Contest
Champion        : Tan Siok Looi         (Speecom TMC)
1st runner up   : Mohd Hadzrin Shah (UEM Academy TMC)
2nd runner up  : Shane Lim              (AFC TMC)  
Evaluation Contest
Champion        : Anna Hue   (MII TMC)
1st runner up   : Jack Lim     (AFC TMC)
2nd runner up  : Jason Moi   (Help TMC)

Congratulations to all who participated. I am sure it was a really close battle!

Well to the rest of the MII Toastmasters, see you this Tuesday....To Celebrations!

Trius Blades out!

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