Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Fatt Fatt Fatt Meeting =)

Fellow Toastmasters,

Gong Xi Fa Choi! Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit 2011!

And to those who are Hokkien, Happy Pai nien! I am sure most of you would probably have had a hard time sleeping last night. That is because on the 9th Day of Chinese New Year, Chinese community of the Hokkien Clan (Including myself) celebrate our "Chinese New Year"! So if you know any hokkien friends that you work with..wish them.... by email or sms cause they probably would have taken a day off. Haha that is just an Easter Egg for you =)

Thank you all for coming and participating on our very special meeting which was held on the Fatt(8) of February 2011. We had a cozy yet prosperous meeting I would say. Which was boldy the Word of the evening. =)

The meeting started off as Wong Han Hiang, TM brought the meeting to order and passed on the floor to our beloved president, Goh Wei Lyn, TM. Her majesty greeted the meeting with warm greetings and explained a little on the spirit of Chinese New Year.

It is not everyday that you find the Toastmaster of the evening dress up as a bunny-funny-guy for you for the entire evening. And I thought Adam Fung, ACB did an excellent job keeping it in the mood =).

Hopping on delightfully, The Table Topics session commanded by the formidable Fazlan, TM used the keychain approach to churn out creative stories from the audience, and to complement him, Levine Lee, CC-CL did an amazing evaluation on the five speakers. Congratulations on all the speakers who came up to speak.

Hopping past the humor session of which we figured out the usage of rabbit tattoos on the scalp and multitasking while driving, the honorable Playboy of the evening took us to the Maxim of the evening which was the "Dinner at the Penthouse"..Did I say Playboy? I meant Toastmaster of the Evening.(I love Innuendos) =)

We had three assignment speeches today and all amazing in their unique ways!

We first had Lim Ah Hwai, TM with his adaptations of the story of "The Tortoise and the Hare". He was evaluated by Masdiana Ooi Abdullah, CTM-CL.

Next was a 3 minute "Just In News" by Reporter Jerene Yap, CC. And spoke on events relating to cherishing today in her speech "Tomorrow may never come". She was evaluated by Mohamad Abdullah, DTM.

The Highlight of the evening however was an amazing Debut by the lovely Masmarlena, TM who gave a summary of her life to date with projects 1-6 embued in it. As PP.Leong might have said "No longer a Ass.ignment Speech V." Congratulations Marlena, Queen Vi.ctoria would have been proud =). And She was evaluated by her mentor Gan Eng Meng, CC-CL.

After the 3 climatically amazing speeches, the Tall-Dark-and most Chinese dressed Toastmaster of the Evening, Robert Ram, ACS-ALB of  IEM Toastmasters took over the session as General Evaluator. Thank you for your kind and honest comments especially on the website. =)

Roleplayers of the Evening were;

Grammarian: Shizal Ramli, TM
Ah Counter:  Anna Hue, ACG-CL
TimeKeeper: Justin Ong, TM

Award Winners were:
Best Table Topics Speaker & Evaluator : Gan Eng Meng, CC CL

Best Assignment Speaker: MasMarlena, TM

Most Friendly Person: Adam Fun.g, ACB =)

Meeting ended with a Speech by the President Goh Wei Lyn, TM and the Past President Mohamad Abdullah, DTM.

The Next meeting Will be on the 22nd of February 2011, hope to see you there =)

Oh and... Happy Valentine's Day! =)

Trius Blades Out!

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