Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meeting Report: Victorious Celebrations! by Lena

Hello again everyone of MII Toastmasters!

Lena here again!
Well, Today I’m your blog writer again due to our VPPR Justin having to work on the upcoming meeting with the AV system, so I’m filling in for him as of today!

The meeting on the 8th of March was themed victorious winnings OBVIOUSLY because our members Diana CTM, CL won CHAMPION for the table topics contest, and Leong CC, CL on the 1st of March!

Btw, it was also Mr Samyvellu’s birthday I believe. So don’t drink and drive yah!


It started with VPPR Justin standing in for Madam President Wei lyn, by getting the guests and members to introduce themselves.

There were 3 guests that night
Yule from Germany! A friend of CC,CL Jerene
Hanny, Guest of ACB Adam fung
And Suzie, Guest of TM Wong hang hiang

It started at 7:10pm, and SURPRISE! I Mas Marlena Mohamad was the Toastmaster of the evening with the theme above. It was really scary being TME for the first time but thanks to all the supporting members I pulled through!!

I started with the history of Toastmasters international and also MII Toastmasters club for the sake of the guests and then it went straight on to the Invocation Presentation by our VPPR/TM Justin talking about the meaning of success!!

Then later on we had a nutritious style of table topics and using FRUITS for topics!!

First of was our CHAMPION Speaking on mangoes
Second, ACB Adam Fung on tomatoes
Third, TM, Fazlan with apples
Then, CC CL, Philip on grapefruits
After that, was Mahathir on bananas
Then, Madam president on the colours of lime
And lastly, DTM Mohamad on a plum.

Later we had a gentle evaluation from our lovely Ms Rozina Harun who gave a brief and gentle evaluation of all the speakers. We then had the humourous session by CC CL, Philip wong and of course went to the “penthouse” for our dinner which is generously sponsored by our NEW CC Lim ah wai!!!

After the dinner we proceeded to the assigned speeches, and first to go was CC Lim, with speech title “Improve continuously” which he talked about his journey here in MII Toastmasters. Which was evaluated by CC CL Philip Wong.

Later we had ACB Adam with his inspiring speech on taking charge of your life!  A beautiful presentation, with beautiful pictures to illustrate his speech. Which was evaluated by CTM CL Masdiana.

We later had CC CL Jerene with her interesting “TV” interview debut with All-star guest host CTM,CL Masdiana Ooi and evaluated by DTM Mohamad.

Time keeper: TM Fazlan
Grammarian: CC Ho Fook Chuan
Ah counter:  TM Justin Ong

Later on our dear Dr Gan gave the general evaluation for the night and President announced the winners and presented the prizes that the winners won on the area contest.

Finally we had CTM CL Diana on the past president speech and ended the meeting for the night.

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