Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Double Happiness Happiness, Congratulations Congratulations!

It was about 941pm yesterday! That MII(my) fellow toastmaster Fazlan, "Whatsapp!ed" me with the legendary;

"MASDIANA WON!"....in small caps. I still recall my feelings of relief and happiness upon hearing the good news. 110 minutes after I flushed and put down the seat back to its original place, I got wind of a second great news! What joy! Micheal Leong Kok Wah won the 1st runner up for the Best Speech Contest!

And then it hit me. How great it fells being on the winning team! It meant being on the side of prestige, honor, and exclusive bragging rights! =)

Congratulations Guys! You are our Champions!...2011. You've given us the inspiration to do more than meets the eye!

Join us in celebrating their Flawless Victories at our next Meeting the 8th of March 2011!

I can sense a theme AND a word of the day coming up! What could it be? Any takers?

This is Trius Blades signing off!
e-VPPR 2010/11

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